These peaceful GIFs beautifully explore femininity

Alvaro Abrante’s GIFs give life to a gorgeous minimalist collection by Cesar Santillan.

Feeling stressed? Skip the expensive massage or your plan to let  loose with a bottle of wine. These simple, sensual and peaceful GIFs are exactly what you need – after all, is there a more perfect combination of feelings?

In a lovely example of collaborative work, Spanish motion graphics designer and photographer Alvaro Abrante took a minimalist collection from artist Cesar Santillan and brought them to GIF-y life via Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, in a series called Them.

As a name, Them sums it up really: we don’t know who these women are, no context is provided and, in most of the GIFs, we don’t even see their faces. Even when we do (shown), there are few details - so, anyone can imagine themselves relaxing just like the women in the collection. Ah… how lovely. 

It’s amazing how the subtle animation can easily transport you from a cramped desk at work to bobbing, carefree and naked (is there a better way to be?), in the water.

Though the works evoke largely calm and peaceful emotions, it doesn’t skip over more negative moods.

This one - with the self-hug and her look into the distance - is making us feel a little lonely.

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Not feeling lonely any more - some of the illustrations are just straight up, tantalizingly sexy.

We particularly love the simple, clean and gentle colour schemes of the original designs, and the resulting calmness and contentment.

Alvaro’s subtle animation makes the works even more charming and engaging, and – despite the stylised design – sparks life in the women, as if we’re glimpsing a moment in their unwatched private lives, alone and with the freedom to be totally natural. 

In 2015, Alvaro and a team were the Motions Graphics winners in Adobe Creative Jam Madrid with a bizarre, engaging and beautifully animated video. Not that that comes as a surprise. 

Am I the only one who's curious about what it says on the inside-out top in this GIF? 

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Check out more of Cesar Santillan’s work on his Instagram and Alvaro Abrante’s on his Behance.