These Breathtaking, Beautiful Posters Imagine Planets made of Marbled Paper

Martine Strom’s illustrations for magazine A New Type of Imprint would look just as good on your wall.

What started as a beautiful illustration for A New Type of Imprint has understandably rocketed into a gorgeous, mind-bending poster series that serves as a window to the awe-inspiring depths of space, right in your living room. Plus marbles. 

The marble-y textures are a lovely touch by illustrator and designer Martine Strom, suitable for an article about the inspiration and the universe: it takes a lot of creativity to turn space – something so beautiful, unfamiliar and untouchable – into a parallel version just as beautiful, just a bizarre, but still recognisably distinct.

Martine is a graphic design student at Westerdals School of Communication. As such, her portfolio is still in its infancy – but, after enjoying these gorgeous posters, we’d love to see more of her take on the universe, marbles or anything else that comes to her mind.

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 I wanted to create something simple, inspiring and visually pleasing. After exploring several ideas and techniques, I discovered that the textures and patterns on the planets (as seen from earth) greatly resembles marbled paper,” says Martine on her Behance.

“I had recently attended a workshop on this technique, and was finally able to make use of it,” continues Martine. “After photographing my marblings, I edited them in Photoshop to look like fantasy planets. As I really enjoyed working on this illustration, I decided to also make a poster series of the planets in our solar system.”

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Image: More of the marbling process. 

Image: Martine's marble solar system. 

Image: Martine's illustrations in A New Type of Imprint

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Give yourself and your houseguests a needed reminder: we’re floating through a limitless, not-yet-and-probably-never understood void that will one day swallow all you’ve ever or can hope to know. 

Even in, or perhaps partly because of, its strangeness, at least space is beautiful. And looks unbelievably gorgeous as a bunch of marbles too. They add fun to the all-encompassing mystery, you know?