These Rick & Morty-inspired artworks are just fantastic

Artworks based on the cult cartoon Rick & Morty will be featured in Gallery 1988’s latest pop culture art show, opening today.

We’ve seen some amazing pop culture art over the last year – like Butcher Billy’s Black Mirror episodes turned into Golden Age comic covers– but we’re about to see a whole lot more emerge for Gallery 1988’s Rick & Morty tribute art show.

Now entering it’s 14th year, the Los Angeles pop-culture artwork gallery is marking the new year with an exhibit based on the adult Cartoon Network series. 

For those who aren’t familiar with Rick and Morty, the animated sci-fi sitcom follows the misadventures of alcoholic mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his easily influenced grandson Morty. The pair spends their time between domestic life and surreal and dangerous adventures through the universe. However, combined with pre-existing tensions within the family, these adventures cause Morty much distress at home and school.

Image: Taylor Rose

Taylor Rose grew up surrounded by nature in New Hampshire but now resides in Orgeon where she works as a freelance illustrator and designer. Her cartoons and characters often reflect her love for adventure.

The first season of Rick and Morty - described as having shades of Futurama and South Park - was first announced in 2012, followed by another season of 10 half-hour episodes in 2015. Season three is yet to be released following false rumours of a January 9 release date.

Around 50 artists have created original work inspired by the show, and these artworks will be available to purchase for the first time at the exhibition’s opening reception on January 13 at Gallery 1988’s West location.

Image:  Dan Mumford 

Dan Mumford works as freelance illustrator from London, working his hand in the pop culture and music scene. Dan creates album covers, branding and screenprints, alongside new workings of film posters and albums.

Artists included in the first official Rick & Morty art show include Dan Mumford, Dustin Lincoln, Scott Listfield, Taylor Rose, Anthony Petrie, Doug LaRocca and Jude Buffum.

The remaining pieces will go online the following day for purchase, and the work will be on display at the gallery’s Melrose Ave space in Los Angeles until January 28.

Image: Scott Listfield

Scott Listfield is known for his paintings featuring a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos and tongue-and-check sci-fi references. He also loves to paint dinosaurs.

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Katie Cromwell and Jensen Karp opened Gallery1988 in 2004. The gallery is known for its annual show Crazy 4 Cult, and annual tribute show in collaboration with Stan Lee and Beastie Boys - Under the Influence – which pays homage to inspirational icons and their influence.

Image: Dustin Lincoln

Dustin Lincoln is an illustrator based in Omaha.

We’ve previously admired pop-culture artwork that has showcased at Gallery 1988, such as Stephen Andrade’s TV-based artworks under the banner of Idiot Box, design and illustration studio DKNG’s Star Wars poster for the gallery’s Art Awakens Show, and work from Dave Pressler and Mark Bryan for the Robot Carnival group exhibition.

Following the Rick & Morty art show, Gallery 1988 will host a follow-on show from Joshua Budich’s original Fictional Food, named Fictional Food 2: Back for Seconds from January 27.

Image: Doug LaRocca

Doug LaRocca is a Philadelphia-based illustrator and designer whose day job includes designing party supply packaging, but who loves to paint robots and dinosaurs.

Image:  Anthony Petrie

New York based designer and illustrator Anthony Petrie regularly displays work in Gallery 1988. Anthony has designed and illustrated for brands in the entertainment and broadcasting industries, as well as product and athletic brands.

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