This new illustration magazine has a big vision to connect commissioners with artists

Independent magazine Create-Zine is a portable & affordable tool showcasing an array of global artists to industry commissioners.

The first issue of an independent magazine showcasing some of the best talent in global art has been released, targeting commissioners as its main readership.

Create-Zine is the passion-project of ex-colleagues of The Central Illustration Agency Jules Beazley and Alicja McCarthy, who aim to present a portable and attractive marketing tool to place in front of creative agencies throughout the UK. 

Creative work from individuals and studios such as Hush, Kai & Sunny, Mega Munden, Stan Chow and Sandra Dieckmann appear on the magazine’s first traditional newsprint pages, bringing their work to the attention of art buyers, creative directors, designers and publishers.

After years of experience representing and promoting illustrators and designers, Jules and Alicja wanted to create an affordable and effective platform for image-makers to get their work seen by industry commissioners. 

We spoke to the pair about what Create-Zine will add to already existing directories, how they choose artists to include and how artists can get work featured.

Miriam Harris: Why did you decide to launch Create-Zine?

Alicja McCarthy: We’re hugely passionate about illustration, graphic design, printmaking, print and craft. Jules has spent her whole career representing illustrators and designers, while I have promoted and written about them and their projects.

We decided to launch Create-Zine because throughout our careers we’ve often been asked advice on how and who to market to. There are so many talented image-makers out there who want an affordable and effective way to get their work seen by industry commissioners. Whether they have an agent or not, Create-Zine provides a solution to this.

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MH: How did you choose artists to include in the first issue? 

Jules Beazley:  We wanted to create a balance in Issue 1 by making sure that there were enough well known artists to give the brand a certain amount of credibility, but at the same time, include really exciting new and international talent that perhaps our audience hadn’t come across before.

Create-Zine is for any image-maker, even if they already have an agent, who wants to get a higher level of exposure to commissioners across the UK’s creative community. Instead of fighting to be seen on the endless blogs and sites currently out there, we provide a guaranteed fast route to get their work in front of some of the most sought after art buyers in the country.

MH: What makes an artist stand out? Are you looking for anything in particular when choosing work to include?

AM: The talent in Issue 1 needed to have a consistency to their portfolios and obviously execute their work to a very high quality. Having worked in the industry for many years, we have an eye for the level of talent commissioners look for. Everyone who’s included in the zine is there because we believe his or her work to be interesting, consistent and original.

MH: How will Create-Zine add to what’s already out there to help influence commissioners decisions?

 JB: There are various directories that already exist that artists can pay to be in but they are very expensive. Create-Zine is different in the fact that there is a nominal fee of £90 that covers design, production and distribution but also a free copy to each artist too. In some cases it’s as little as a 10th of the cost of the larger hardback directories out there.

By creating a product that is more affordable we hope that we can offer a platform to a wider range of artists both at home and internationally.
We’ve made a conscious decision to include an editorial aspect to the zine, which gives our audience a little insight into selected artists practice, background and inspiration.

We wanted the zine to be portable making it easier to read, flick through and share with the creative team.

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The zine has only been in circulation for a week or so but we already have a large number of emails and tweets from the creatives who have received it telling us that they have earmarked artists for various campaigns and projects. This is very exciting for us because this is the true purpose of the zine - to inspire and ultimately have it lead to work for our contributors. 

MH: Who else will have access to the magazine besides commissioners?

AM: We offer a downloadable version of the zine, so anyone can go on our site and download a copy.

MH: How are you funding it? 

JB: The zine has a £90 entry fee for the artists we chose to include. Our current template affords three different image sizes; these spaces are divided up once we have all the contributors on board. There is a gamble as to what size space an artist might get, but ultimately everyone pays the same fee. We have creative freedom in whom we place among the pages and whom we decide to feature editorially.

MH: How can artists get their work featured in Create-Zine?

AM: Artists should email us at [email protected] with a link to their work. We look at every submission and together decide if they are right for the zine. 

Twitter & Instagram @createthezine.

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