This restaurant’s gorgeous branding is devilishly fun

Design studio Pinkeye came up with branding based on the seven deadly sins - complete with naughty jokes.

To illustrate the unorthodox, devilish combination of hotdogs and champagne on offer at new Belgian restaurant Frank & Brut, design studio Pinkeye have even cherubs sinning deadly sins. 

Throughout the restaurant, angelic beings - who are more commonly seen playing heavenly instruments and firing off love arrows - go to town on gourmet hotdogs and glug classy champagne with no class at all. Seemingly even those touched by heaven can’t resist the wicked taste of Frank & Brut.

Posh champagne slides in with the everyman’s hotdog at Frank & Brut - and Pinkeye amplifies that idea of opposites clashing beautifully, surrounding marble tables and solid stained oak cabinets with funny illustrations of angels flirting with the seven deadly sins. It all looks totally irresistible. 

Sometimes it’s fun to kick back and relish in the ridiculously over-the-top: cherubs lie in various revealing positions, the hotdog is used to its full boyish potential, and Pinkeye do their job by making us all want to join the sinning cherubs by having a sip of that champagne.

Just like Frank & Brut, Pinkeye is Belgian and – also just like Frank & Brut – they love carrying out fun, outlandish ideas with class. Past prohects include an adorable rebrand for Chat Noir and an eye-catching design for Fanta Zero

Each sinning angel is linked to a ‘sinner dog’ on the menu – who said subtlety was a virtue, anyway?

Image: Greed (it's like looking in the mirror...) 

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Frank & Brut follows other champagne-hotdog restaurants such as Bubbledogs in London (no, I didn’t know the combo was a thing either) – which also happens to have been gorgeously designed, this time by Creative Family.

Image: wrath 

Image: pride

Image: envy 

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Image: glutton

Image: lust 

Image: sloth

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