We love how Pawel Nolbert has Photoshopped the world into a brighter, happier place

Pawel Norbert altered a bunch of his travel photos to create what he thinks is a perfect reality (and it looks pretty perfect to us too)

Sometimes the daily walk down the same street can feel drab, the parked car you pass every day, grey, and the graffiti on that wall irritating and uninspiring - but the next morning, the exact same can appear bright, happy and uplifting. 

Multidisciplinary artist Pawel Nolbert took the human struggle to understand reality – our tendency to see our emotions reflected in our surroundings, distort reality on social media, and never remember things how they actually happened – and did the happiest thing he possibly could with it.

Pawel’s Constructed series is a bunch of his travel photos that have been altered to create his perfect reality – and for him that means loads and loads of really cool, bright blocks beautifully placed in an every day landscape (yes, it's not just the total lack of people in these shots that create such a calm, hopeful mood - though that might help).  

We love how normal stills of urban landscapes are photoshopped subtly. Somehow, all the graphical shapes and brilliant pinks, reds, purples, greens and blues seem to fit naturally into the landscape -  and rather than undermining the every day, it's enhanced so you can appreciate it a little more.  

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"We construct our reality in our own way,” said Pawel on his Behance. “We do that everyday on our instagrams, blogs and other carefully curated outlets. Knowing that the world around us doesn't look like this, we somehow want to believe that all those often extremely filtered and post-processed images in our IG stream are actually the real thing.

"We never recall things exactly as they happened. We remember them in our personal way. One, true version of reality doesn't exist." 

I wish my version of reality looked a bit more like this. If large blocks on the road weren't a driving hazard, that is. 

From his Warsaw studio, Pawel designs for brands including Google, Adobe and Nike, as well as many print and digital publications. Some of our favourite works by him include a really cool, eye-catching blend of paint and typography - another of Pawel's perspectives we wish could work for us - and his series of mind-bending minimal watercolours. You don't need to scroll very far through Pawel's work to see his amazing range of tools and ideas.

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Pawel is also appropriately known as HelloColor.

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