Embrace your inner Party Pooper with this wacky, fun web game

The aim of London studio Animade’s game is to poop the unwanted house party.

We’ve all been in a situation like it. Well, maybe not quite like it. Most of us aren’t long-legged blue creatures with arms on our heads, but who doesn’t understand the sinking feeling when a party goes on for too long - or an unwanted one happens at all? 

Fun, quirky animated game Party Pooper by Animade lets you be the killjoy that your soul screams to be, but without any damage to your friend count. Stop the funky-yet-increasingly-annoying party music as soon as possible. There are balloons to pop, cups to squash and – most satisfyingly – windows to smash. 

Animade animator and designer Milo Targett tells us how (and – most intriguingly – why on earth) the creative, fun bunch of animators created Party Pooper and its incredibly diverse, imaginative characters, as well as what’s next for them.

You’ve finally got parties that drag on past their sell-by-time to thank for something. Milo, who conceived and designed the game, once found himself hosting a New Year's Eve fiesta that “had gone past the point of being enjoyable, so I set about trying to poop it. 

“That was the inspiration behind the idea,” said Milo. “At Animade we are always trying out new animation experiments and playing with technologies—this is just one of many studio projects that we’ve had fun working on.”

So how do you turn the experience of bobbing alone in the corner of a dull party into a fun, addictive game? 

“I did lots of sketches and created the background in Cinema 4D, then animated the characters in After Effects,” said Milo. “Our front-end developer Simon Neveu exported them as animated SVGs using a plugin called Bodymovin'.”

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Characters include a two-legged red knife pacing up and down (without turning around), a depressed-looking pink piece of paper with a party blower (not a sentence I ever expected to say - but evidence is pictured (GIFfed?)) and a navy tentacle monster stuffing his face with snacks in the corner. You know, a normal party. 

All the character were initially created in a sketchbook, before they were worked up and rigged in After Effects.

“[Animade are] really keen to work in this animation/digital crossover area commercially, and projects like this help to show clients what’s possible,” continued Milo. “We’re increasingly getting requests for more lateral-thinking animation projects, which is very exciting for us.”

If you’ve pooped the party in record time, don’t worry: Animade has already begun working on a vegan barbecue-themed game. Keep an eye out on Animade’s Twitter or their website.

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