The 'first ever GIFs' recreated for fashion campaign

Gavrila & Asociatii and Julien Britnic have recreated the early cinematographic experiments of screen pioneer Eadweard Muybridge – of Muybridge Horse fame – for a fashion campaign.

GIFs were predicted by experts to be one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2017.

The use of GIFs in digital marketing, such as Converse’s 2017 Back to School campaign, has become an integral strategy of successful marketing and has resulted in an influx of GIF campaigns that promote products and services from a variety of brands.

Julien Britnic, a copywriter whose pop-culture-referencing takes on classic novels we featured last year, and creative agency Gavrila & Asociatii have recreated early cinematographic experiments of screen pioneer Eadweard Muybridge for a Bucharest fashion store, Entrance.

The creators took nine of Eadward's original motion studies and recreated them to incorporate contemporary elements of fashion and design. The collection of nine GIFs are projected in a keyhole-shaped window of the Romanian store.

Using a background modelled after Eadweard’s original grid and Jazz-Age inspo, Julien revamps the most classic display of graphic interchange format technology into a contemporary design.

You'll know Eadweard Muybridge by his famous study of horses in motion. The English-born Nineteenth-Century photographer constructed a series of images to discover whether or not the four feet of a horse rise on and off of the ground simultaneously.

Presented together, and the series of images resulted in the birth of the first ever GIF.

Following his studies of motion – and being tried for murder – Eadweard experimented with other sources of inspiration for his visual imagery. He famously constructed some of the oldest GIFs of a woman dancing, of boredom and of teasing. 

Individuals retain 55% more of the information they hear if it is paired with a visual image verses without an image pairing. As a result, visual imagery, including GIFs, developed into an essential element of digital marketing, cinematographs, animation, and the overall visual culture of today.

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The Step remodels Eadweard’s motion study of a woman jumping over a step to a flapper-inspired woman completing the same action.

A cheerful couple shares a dance, ...

... which is based on this Muybridge recording.

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A man bends down to tie his shoe as another man leaps over him, ...

modeled after Eadweard’s original jumping GIF.

This GIF recreates a woman enjoying a playful dance.


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Finally, the Entrance Peep Show includes a few original GIFs.

Creative credits: Gavrila & Asociatii (Alina Gavrila-Bortun & Julien Britnic)

Production: Studioset

Photographer: Christian Tudose

Make-up artist: Anca Potop

Hair-stylist: George Cozma

Models: Anca Staruiala, Alexandru Necula, Christian Tudose