Found's Beautifully Rendered Animated Film is a Strange World Made of Things that Rhyme

Can you guess what words-that-rhyme-with-'found' form the basis of these moving 3D sculptures?

Found Studio, specialising in motion work, has released its latest development project – a computer-generated (GC) short film interpreting the concept of Mondegreen.

Mondegreen, as the film aims to illustrate, is a misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing.

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The film seamlessly moves through a series of rooms in a surreal museum, each hosting a bright and textured kinetic sculpture based on different words that rhyme with Found – Bound, Wound, Ground, Sound, Hound and Drowned.

Colossal hands and feet sculptures bound by string are followed by a wall of string being wound around a circle before the animation moves underground.  

An orange conch shell is used to represent Sound, before the animation moves onto a hound dog with flowing green fur and finishes with a man slowly drowning in a pool of water.

Found Studio used Cinema 4D to create the series of sculptures, using real-time renderer Octane.

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Argentinean motion-graphics designer and freelancer Esteban Diacono collaborated with the studio on design, direction and animation, and music and sound design studio Echoic Audio composed a soundtrack to accompany.

The short film is part of a suite of self-initiated projects showcasing the CG capabilities of Found Studio, ahead of its release of live action short film The Dog and The Elephant in October.

Found Studio has also been shortlisted at the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) awards for its VR-based film/experience The Room.

The film was created for  the Oculus Rift, distorting and twisting real-life characteristics of a studio room into a virtual reality experience using realtime animation.