Watch Ikea's sweet dreams ad, and learn how MPC created its VFX

MPC's VFX team has collaborated with Mother and Juan Cabral to create an ethereal journey towards the perfect bed.

MPC's VFX help guide viewers on an ethereal journey towards the perfect bed in this Ikea ad.

Created by Mother with Juan Cabral directing, the film showcases Ikea beds suspended far above the earth and a girl tumbling through them on her dreamlike journey to the perfect bed.

MPC’s VFX team collaborated with production company MJZ,  Juan Cabral and Mother, creating detailed matte paintings, adding CG beds and embellishments and compositing elements including the NASA rocket and plume.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to find out more and view behind-the scenes-images.

Juan Cabral’s innovative storytelling approach saw the protagonist and many of the beds hung from cranes and suspended over buildings during the 3-day shoot in Johannesburg.

Led by 2D creative director Bill McNamara, MPC’s 15-strong team captured a great deal of the action in-camera, which was then used to create the VFX and embellish the shots.

In order to build the bed staircase, Ikea beds were filmed against green screen on the ground.

The following sequence used an 80-foot weighted crane and controlled drop to allow the actress to plummet from the sky, perfectly capturing her emotion as she falls.

A selection of the wide shots were created by filming a skydiver and removing the parachute pack, while many of the shots were filmed against green screen with the sky and various surroundings composited in the studio.

MPC’s global creative director of colour grading, Jean-Clément Soret, completed the grade – establishing a soft, dreamlike look.

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