This psychedelic, fun video reminds us why we love The Simpsons

Find out the thinking behind production company Laundry's bonkers launch video for the FXX Simpsons marathon.

Totally wild visuals meshed the Simpsons family and the rest of Springfield into a screaming, grumbling, chuckling, doughnut-laden mess, stirring in audiences the kind of psychedelic, bewildering but wonderful feelings you might experience after, indeed, watching every Simpsons episode ever. In one sitting.

Though working with a brand as culturally iconic as The Simpsons is surely incredible, Laundry explain on their Behance that it has its challenges: first, keeping the same nostalgic Simpsons look, shape and feel that we all know and love, whilst transforming the old family into something fresh and alluring.

“We designed and sketched several dozen ways these graphic ID's could go," Laundry said on their Behance. "Influences ranged anywhere from Pinterest Simpsons searches, to discovering fan art of Instagram, to even collage artist Cyriak as a starting point visually.

"We came to an agreement with our FX clients that where the drawing style would feel intrinsicly [sic] Simpsons for brand recognition, the more abstract and weird we could be within that, the more memorable."

Simplification was the team’s first aim: to create something that was recognisably the show, but had a unique tone. An abstract animation style “with nods to characters outside of Bart, Homer, Marge and Lisa felt the most new and unique”.

Though simplicity worked at times, the team at Laundry noticed that adding more layers and a “tidal wave of graphic elements” jolted viewers’ minds.

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“When it doubt, make it blobby,” is the advice of Laundry on its Behance. Though the process was going well, at one point the team thought something was missing. But embracing how we all see the Simpsons – “as screams, splats, wiggles and wobbles” – solved it, and evolved the style.