This Upbeat, Catchy Short Video Will Make You Want to Dance

Playful's ad for Sony is a marvellous, catchy creation of strange gloves, retro tech and bright colours.

Sony is often seen as simply a giant conglomerate of robots wiring up electronics, but Sony es Pop  - the new, zappy, fun animated bumper ads for Sony’s Latin American audience (shown above) - pop with a laid-back, upbeat and catchy style.

Who did Sony entrust with such an important job? An art direction and design consultancy called Playful, of course. Past work includes a campaign for Oreo and a video simply called We Love Bacon. I'm a fan already.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this entire video, but do I need to? It’s all great fun to watch - and there appears to be more coming soon for us to enjoy. The video certainly celebrates technology with an inventive, unique approach and gorgeous animation.

And now I can’t get that strange gameshow, flashy background music out of my head. Not that I’m trying that hard (it’s just so good). 

Read on to find out more about Playful’s video and peek behind the scenes. 

We love the exciting, always eye-popping range of colours on a simple, consistent background. An intriguing world that I certainly want to be part of (where everyone seems to wear cleaning gloves, but I can get over that bit). 


The video appears to celebrate technology - with an inventive, unique approach and gorgeous animation.


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Check out how they made the props in the images shown. Find out more on Behance.