10 amazing examples of double exposure photography

Double exposure is one of 2015's big design trends, and hit TV show True Detective's title sequences have seen the technique make its way into motion. Here, we bring you 10 stunning examples of double exposure at its best for you to feast your eyes on and be inspired by.

Early last year, HBO's True Detective reached our TV screens and became an instant hit, putting its gorgeous double exposure title sequence in front of the eyes of thousands.

Created by Patrick Clair, a director at film studio Elastic, the sequence portrays an air of mystery, giving the viewer glimpses of locations and characters featured in the show but never fully revealing them.

Since then, double exposure has continued to be a popular trend throughout 2015 both in video and still imagery. The second season of True Detective comes with a new and just as stunning and equally mysterious double exposure title sequence, and Taylor Swift's music video for Style, which has been viewed more than 250 million times on YouTube, also uses the technique.

You can watch the video for the second season of True Detective above, and read on for more examples of double exposure and multiple exposure that we love. Prepare to be inspired.

Bulgarian artist Aneta Ivanova has shared her series of double exposure illustrations over on Behance and we think they're great. Her We Are All Made of Flowers project feature portraits of Aneta and her sister blended with floral elements to create this dreamy effect.

See more of Aneta's work on Behance.

Similar to Aneta Ivanova's project is Christoffer Relander's We Are Nature project, which features black and white portraits blended with leafy scenes.

See more of Christoffer's photos on his website.

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We love creative agency Firedog's work with The Barbican from 2013, which is based around a series of Dreamscape photo-illustrations that can be seen in programmes, brochures and posters around London's Tube network.

"To signify the breadth of what classical music can bring to life, we juxtaposed images of jarring, urban structures with softer, natural landscapes. While the images retain soft hues of brow, lilac and light blue, each reveals the use of dense materials such as concrete or steel to offset this contrast," Cliff Boobyer from Firedog said.

See more of the double exposure images from the Dreamscape project here.

Chicago-based artist Yairon Martinez's Power Lines project is another double exposure series that we really enjoy. It features portraits exposed with power lines to add a geometric twist to the images.

See more of Yairon's work on Behance.

Still dreamy but also reminiscent of nightmares are Florida-based artist Brandon Kidwell's images from his personal project called Wisdom For My Children, Life Lessons Through Photos.

Each image in the series represents a piece of advice offered by Brandon to hid children as they grew up, many of which centre around conquering fears.

See more on Behance.

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The previous examples show how double exposure techniques can create mystical and dreamy illustrations, but it can also be used differently to create bold and dramatic images.

Spanish artist Antonio Mora combines portraits with landscapes and architecture to create these incredible pieces, which work particularly well when the curves have been carefully blended.

See more on Anotnio's website.

This eye-catching double exposure illustration by California-based photographer Chris Riviera is titled Mind the Birds.

See more of Chris's fine art photography on his website.

This year, photographer Tim Tadder was commissioned by Major League Soccer and Capri Sun to capture portraits of the players. Each portrait has been blended with locations from the 2014 World Cup in Rio.

See more of this project on Behance.

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If you're feeling inspired by all of these wonderful examples of double exposure projects, why not try your hand at it?

We've got a brilliant and easy-to-follow tutorial to show you how to create double exposure photos in Photoshop, brought to you by photographer Tigz Rice.

In the tutorial, Tigz walks you through the process, as well as showing you two quite different possible outcomes from the same first image.

Visit our Double Exposure Photography in Photoshop tutorial here.