These playful, funny 3D printed infographics can liven up any data

Design studio Coming Soon designed these fun 3D infographics for biopharmaceuticals company Ablynx's annual report.

It is a rare, precious phenomenon when an annual report is in any way fun, engaging or - most of all - beautifully designed. But design studio Coming Soon have redefined annual reports from dull to playful with their 3D infographics.

Belgian biopharmaceuticals company Ablynx turned local to liven up their annual report – and statistics have never looked so good. Coming Soon took a comical, light-hearted approach to data that can look heavy and drab when left to its own devices.

Instead of flicking hastily to the next page, your gaze can’t help but linger on the adventures of the miniature figures scaling, swinging from or exploring the plastic pieces. 

See the full report here.

Coming Soon printed non-stop for 2 weeks  to create the 3D infographics.

The designs are carefully correlated with Ablynx's data so, not only are the graphs and charts cute and fun, but they're accurate. 

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This is not the first time Coming Soon have designed for Ablynx. Their 2012 annual report was the opposite in scale to 2015’s – with huge infographics up to 30 metres tall – but equal in cheeriness and creativity. 

Not only does the report look good, but it’s digestible and engaging – which means this annual report might actually be read and remembered, rather than stuffed in a drawer.  

The design of the page itself is also clean, fun and appealing (shown). 

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