Each letter in this plasticine alphabet is playful in its own way

Madrid-based 3D CGI artist Jenue’s personal project spells out fun, clever design.

The web is so full of dull, overused fonts that it can begin to feel less like an innovation hub and more like, well, a sticky spider web trap of bad design (check out Font Police, if in doubt). What better antidote to a bad type overdose than an the alphabet from an entirely new, playful, colourful perspective?

Partly created for 36 Days of Type – a bright, fun, innovative project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to go bonkers on the alphabet – Madrid-based 3D CGI artist Jenue’s inventive ideas are just the right type (sorry….) to fit the creative, playful brief. 

Creating a letter a day with plasticine, Jenue tried to create in a different style each day. From the letter A (shown) that looks like a sea monster about to come to life to a mesmerising, blockish Z (read on to see), Jenue has taken familiar shapes in unfamiliar direction – and perhaps help convinced a few bored kids to learn their ABCs. 

Here, we’ve put together Jenue’s alphabet. Right now, there are a few letters missing – as he’s still in the process of creation. Once he’s finished, I’d love to see it in a dizzyingly cool, usable font.

We love the shine in this bubbly B. 

Jenue shows off his knack for 3D textures with C. 

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With a great use of light and shadow, D looks wobbly and hand-crafted. 

This is why it's best to view these letters in order: following the rigid lines of D, the sweeping colours of E keep you reading. 

We love how the shape of the letter F has been taken a step further with the bright folds. 

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Strange, atmospheric, and unique in that it doesn't look like a shape you can pick up and hold, G is a nice inverse to the rest of Jenue's work. 

Though it's partially covered by what looks like a disturbingly dark material, you can still see the unmistakable shape of H. 

I flows beautifully from bottom to top: getting smaller and smaller, with darker and darker colours, until the dot floating on top finishes it off. 

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Image: L (K is to be completed) 

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Image: U (T is to be completed) 

Image: W (V is to be completed) 

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Image: Z (Y is to be completed)