D&AD Awards Winners 2015: see the best design and advertising work from the past year

See Black, White and Yellow Pencil winners including beautiful branding, inventive idents and inspiring campaigns.

44 Yellow Prizes were given, as were four White Pencils for campaigns that make the world a better place (and are judged as such). These include Lowe China's Human Traffic Sign campaign for Buick, which started with nine people injured in traffic accidents posed holding traffic signs to draw attention to safety in China.

The D&AD calls this year "the most awarded year in history", though fewer Black and Yellow Pencils given.

Read on to see more of the awarded work in the categories most relevant to Digital Arts.

Leo Burnett's #LikeAGirl was awarded a Black Pencil, plus two Yellow Pencils. The campaign for Always aimed to retake the often-insulting phrase 'like a girl' to be a symbol of strength.

Made Thought's graceful rebrand of paper manufacturer GF Smith won a Black Pencil

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Marcel Worldwide's campaign to get people to buy misshapen vegetables and reduce food waste won a Black Pencil - and won the Graphics category at the Design Museum's Designs of the Year last week.

Greenpeace's Lego: Everything is not awesome campaign successfully pressured Lego into not distributing toys at Shell petrol stations, It won a White Pencil.

US cracker brand Honey Maid's This is Wholesome campaign by Droga5 focussed on divorced, interracial and same-sex families - using the hashtag #notbroken.

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In November last year, German anti-fascist group Rechts gegen Rechts (Right against Right) got local people in Wunsiedel in Bavaria to 'sponsor' a march by a neo-Nazi group - with the funds raised going to a charity that helps those trying to escape extremist groups.

It won a White Pencil.

Our look at the Yellow Pencils of 2015 begins with The New York Times Magazine's October 12 2014 issue won a Yellow Pencil.

The magazine's design is inventive and superbly crafted.

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Young and Rubicam Dubai's Little Books of Big Consequences promote American Garden's Habenero sauce.

Issey Miyake's custom Tymote typeface.

FontShop's FF Antithesis typeface.

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The posters promote the Pinacoteca do Estado de S. Paulo museum in Brazil to British tourists.

Leo Burnett created this wrap for an issue of Cosmopolitan for the Karma Nirvana charity to raise awareness of honour killings.

Arcade Fire's music video for We Exist won a Yellow Pencil.

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