18 inspiring quotes from leading designers and artists at Reasons to be Creative

Wisdom from Jon Burgerman, Mr Bingo, Hellicar & Lewis, Erik Spiekermann and others captured at the Reasons to be Creative conference.

Jon Burgerman, Mr Bingo, Hellicar & Lewis, Erik Spiekermann and others have shared their creative wisdom at Reasons to be Creative.

Many talented graphic and interactive designers, illustrators, coders, animators and filmmakers took to the stage at Reasons to be Creative in Brighton this week, and they had some excellent advice to share. Here, we've collected our favourite quotes from the event to help inspire you.

The Reasons to be Creative conference in Brighton brought together the likes of Stefan Sagmeister, Jon Burgerman, Hellicar & Lewis, Erik Spiekermann, Fabio Sasso, Mr Bingo and more to discuss topics dear to most creatives' hearts: from finding happiness and creative success and failure, to how to motivate yourself and change what you do for the better. It even got attendees singing in unison.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read our favourite words of wisdom from the speakers at Reasons to be Creative.

"Art can be anything you want it to be."

Potty-mouthed illustrator and creator of Hate Mail Mr Bingo delivered a brilliantly funny talk at Reasons to be Creative to a room full to the brim of fans, including illustrator Jon Burgerman (who also spoke at the event), and even a baby (which hopefully had its ears covered during the potty-mouth parts).

He also said:

"We shouldn't have to work for free. It doesn’t make sense."

Hear, hear.

"Creating art is like a performance, even if no one's there to watch it."

Talking of Jon Burgerman, the arch-doodler also had some brilliant advice for creatives. You can read our interview with Jon from Reasons to be Creative here.

He also said:

"Sketchbooks are a magical lovely place."

"You're an artist, not a style. You can change, you can do different things."

"If you can't be good, be different."

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"If you're not failing you're not pushing yourself hard enough."

Interactive design duo Hellicar & Lewis also delivered an inspiring presentation at Reasons to be Creative. Above and below are some of our favourite quotes from their talk.

"Remember that you're not doing it for the money. The point is to do interesting things in your life that make you feel better."

"The tools you use contain you. Invent your own tools."

"Failure is part of the process. I've made mistakes to the moon and back but it's the only way to learn."

We couldn't stop laughing at type guru Erik Spiekermann's Reasons to be Creative talk, and we weren't the only ones. We also particularly loved his closing statement:

"Don't work for arseholes, don't work with arseholes."

"Asking for help is not weakness."

Dan Rubin, designer.

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"Collaborate – realise your strengths and weaknesses. Work with other people who are better than you."

Elliot Jay Stocks, designer.

"There's never been a greater time in history to do what you love and share it with others."

Brad Frost, web designer.

"Design is not just about what you see."

Andrew Spooner, developer evangelist at Microsoft.

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"Things can seem very difficult, until you have a go."

Dominic Wilcox, artist and designer.

"There is no luck without hard work."

Fabio Sasso, senior designer at Google and long-time Digital Arts contributor.

"Practice wider than your discipline."

Eva-Lotta Lamm, designer.

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