UK grad shows 2013: Kingston University

Check out the best work from Kingston University's latest batch of graphic design and photography graduates

Last week, we headed over to the Arch 402 Gallery to visit a preview of Kingston University's Work Out 2013, where its newest Graphic Design and Photography graduates showcased their best work.

With the students each exhibiting their favourite projects within the small space that was full to the brim with visitors, we didn't quite know where to look first. The exhibits varied dramatically, from wall-mounted photographs to typographic mini golf, mobile apps to a printer that can portray personality through 'handwritten' signatures.

Here are some of our favourite works from the show. Use the slideshow controls above and right to see them.

Olivia White

Olivia's 'Complex Classics' project takes well-loved children's classics and transforms them into works of new academic literature. Olivia has created a hardbound book that aims to highlight the 21st century's need to sound nonsensically clever – The Insatiably Esurient Caterpillar.

Claudia Thomas

Claudia has illustrated a collection of broken and lost objects that are orbiting the Earth in her Orbital Debris project.

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Laurie Mather

Laurie has designed a clever service, 'Lunch Spot', which works with a mobile app to encourage those who work in London offices to leave their desks during their lunch break by directing users to a nearby outdoor location where a 'Lunch Spotter' will give you your lunch.

Harriet Jowitt

Harriet's series of How Well Do You Know Your Line? London Underground posters aims to test commuters' knowledge of their tube line through the use of colour.

Ollie Willis

Ollie has used typography to create a complete, playable mini golf alphabet course.

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Chris Holt

Exploring the relationship between sound and objects, Chris asked: “What if an object looked how it sounds?” He says he used 3D modelling software to create a visual representation of the audio of each object, including this hammer.

Sophie Both Turner

Sophie's Untold Stories is a photography project that uses wigs turned inside out to create dark and mysterious images.

Matthew Hill

Matthew's Signatures is a printer that is designed to portray personality through 'handwritten' signatures, demonstrated at the show by printing the 100 most popular names of 2012.

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Davide Santi-Brooks

Davide's 'Type/Object' project explores the relationship between type and objects.

Joana Galvao

Joana's *inLondon app design aims to allow Londoners to immerse themselves in multi-cultural experiences without needing to leave the capital, by providing users with a handpicked range of events, restaurants and more.