A handcrafted wooden keyboard for Mac and iPad

Digital Arts | 30 November 12

Here at Digital Arts, while we're not fans of the cheesy digital leather and wood of Apple's skeuomorphic interface designs, we do like to see the company's products paired with real, handcrafted product design. So a stylish wooden keyboard that can be used with the iPad and Mac – plus other tablets, phones and PCs – was bound to capture our attention. And it's now available in the UK through the Design Museum's shop for £150.

Orée uses traditional woodcraft techniques to build the Board keyboards in a studio in southern France. You can see shots of the process below.

The Board uses Bluetooth to connect to your tablet, Mac, PC or phone.

A leather pouch (below) is available to wrap around the iPad, and provide a stand for both the tablet and keyboard.


Mars said: That's too cool, handcrafted it is

Sg4rill said: amazing, very different and unique