Lenovo's beautiful tablet/laptop hybrid also captures what you draw on paper

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a Windows tablet with an attached Wacom tablet that you draw on with a real pen. Yep, this is something truly different.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book is quite unlike any tablet or laptop you’ve seen before. It’s essentially two tablets placed side-by-side with a rather beautifully designed hinge in the middle. On one side is a Windows or Android tablet with a 10-inch HD screen. On the other, a Wacom tablet, which you can draw on using a pen.

The pen is also a real pen, so if you put paper over the top of the Wacom tablet-side, you can draw or write on it in biro – and the results are captured to software on the Windows tablet (in a similar fashion to Wacom’s new Bamboo Slate and Folio smartpads that work with iPads and Android tablets).

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Want to type – then flip the screen side up and press a button and the stylish outline of a keyboard appears on the Wacom tablet-side. 

The keys are flat but vibrate slightly when touched for haptic feedback. The surface – like the screen – is pressure sensitive, offering 2,048 levels of sensitivity just like a proper Wacom tablet.

As the pressure sensitivity is built into the surfaces, the pen is just that – so it doesn't need to be recharged like most drawing stylii like the Microsoft Surface's Pen or Apple's Pencil for the iPad Pro. Its ink is supplied through standard tips, which can be quickly replaced.

You can draw directly on the screen, or on the open surface opposite it – which is great if you prefer a traditional Wacom tablet to drawing on a screen as your view isn't obscured by your hand. The non-screen surface also has a texture to it that's more like paper, says Lenovo, which many creatives will prefer to the slick screen.

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The hinge lets you flip the Yoga Book round from safely closed to the usual sit-up laptop position, to flat (er, why?) to that 'tent' position that manufacturers assume we all watch films in (we don't) to tucked-away-so-you-can draw.

Lenovo says that the Yoga Book is the world's thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 – 690g and just 9.6mm thick when closed. This is impressive, as is the claim of a 15-hour battery life.

While you can get a Windows version of the Yoga Book, it isn't a competitor to the likes of Microsoft's Surface Book – and we wouldn't recommend running Photoshop or any other heavy-duty creative app on it. It has an Intel Atom X5 processor – which is much less powerful than the Core i5 and i7 range used in pro-grade tablet/laptop hybrids like the Surface Book or Lenovo's own ThinkPad P40 Yoga.

Other tech specs include 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage.

The Android version of the Yoga Book costs €499 and is available in Gold or Gunmetal colour schemes. The €599 Windows version has a Carbon Black scheme.. They'll be out by the end of the month.

Thr Yoga Book has a nicely designed soft pouch to prevent scratches.

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