Wacom Cintiq Pro: Features, specs, price & release date

Wacom's new 13.3- and 15.6-inch screens-you-can-draw-on have better screens & are more sensitive to your pen strokes.

There's not just one new Wacom Cintiq - but two. Cintiq Pro Wacom has been trailing that it's created a replacement for the Cintiq 13HD tablet display for a while now – even showing it to attendees at the Adobe Max conference a couple of weeks ago. But now the company has formally announced the Cintiq Pro and there's two of them – a 13-inch model and a 16-inch model.

As with its predecessor, the Cintiq Pro is a relatively slim display that acts as another monitor when you plug it into your laptop or desktop – a monitor you can draw directly on using Wacom's (also new) Pro Pen 2.

Wacom says that the Pro Pen 2 offers four times the accuracy of the Pro Pen used by the Cintiq 13HD – as well as the current Cintiq range including the Cintiq 27QHD. It also offers four times the pressure sensitivity.

The Pro Pen 2 – and the Cintiq Pro's screens – also uses different technology from the previous pen and screen, so it doesn't needs batteries.

The connection is also different. The Cintiq Pro 13 using a single USB-C cable. There will also be an wireless connection module – Cintiq Connect – which will be available for an additional cost.

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The two new models are near-identical in design, which has changed considerably from their predecessor. There's glass across the drawing area, and the big hardware buttons have gone.

The key difference between the two models is, of course, the screen. The Cintiq Pro 13 has a 13.3-inch HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution screen, that can output 87% of the Adobe RGB colour space – about the same as a pro-level laptop such as Apple's MacBook Pro or Dell's Precision 5510.

The Cintiq Pro 16 not only has a larger, 15.6-inch screen with a higher resolution – an Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 – but it has a wider colour gamut. It can display 94% of Adobe RGB, which would be an acceptable gamut for a pro-level desktop monitor.

Compared to previous models, Wacom has reduced the thickness of the glass over the screen, so the parallax effect – where the tip of your pen appears to be some way off when you're drawing – is much reduced.

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You can lay each of the Cintiq Pros flat on your desk, or prop them up on pop-up feet. For a greater range of positions, you can buy an Ergostand for your Cintiq Pro – which has three positions. The stand will be out in February.

The Cintiq Pros don't have the same buttons as other Cintiqs. Instead, you can use the optional ExpressKey Remote - which we first saw with the Cintiq 27QHD. This features 17 buttons and a ring you can run your finger around to adjust settings.

The Cintiq Pro 13 costs £899 Inc VAT/US$999.95 and will ship in December. You'll have to wait until February for the Cintiq Pro 16, which will set you back £1,399 Inc VAT/US$1499.95.

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