Wacom has a new Intuos Pro tablet - and there's a Paper Edition you can really draw on

Wacom's new Intuos Pro & Intuos Pro Paper Edition launched today. Find out how it'll save you time, why you should buy and how much it'll cost you.

Last year the Wacom Cintiq and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro were released, but today the company has launched the Wacom Intuos Pro and the Intuos Pro Paper Edition. 

The Intuos Pro Paper Edition is helpful for creative practitioners who prefer to work on paper in the initial creative process. Wacom's Intuos Pro Paper Edition does away with the laborious step of scanning hand-drawn sketches by allowing you to have digital ink versions of sketches at the touch of a button. 

Ink-on-paper drawings are captured and stored digitally straight away, and can be refined later on the tablet with layered raster or vector software. The Paper Edition handily includes a paper clip for the artist to attach their preferred paper to, a pressure-sensitive Finetip gel ink pen and the Wacom Inkspace App to covert drawings into creative software.

The products, to be shown for the first time at CES in Las Vegas on January 5, are accompanied by a new Pro Pen 2 with improved pressure-sensitivity and precision.

Read on to find out its features and how much it will put you out of pocket.

The Wacom Intuos Pro comes in both Medium (338x219x8mm) and Large (430x287x8mm), with each option proving smaller than previous models. Each are 8mm thick. 

It may be worth noting the tablet active area is a little smaller. The Intuos Pro Medium has an active area of 224x148mm and the Large an area of 311x216mm approximately. 

The tablet is made of anodised aluminium backing and glass fibre composite resin.

Both the Intuos Pro and the Paper Edition use a TouchRing, Multi-Touch that will let you zoom, pan and navigate using your fingers within applications including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and eight ExpressKeys so you can create customised shortcuts to increase workflow. 

The Wacom Intuos Pro ExpressKeys feature a radial menu, a display toggle, dedicated pan, scroll, zoom, brush size and precision mode.

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The Pro Pen 2 is available with the Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition.

The pen features four times the pressure sensitivity than the previous Pro Pen. It offers 8,192 levels of pressure in both the pen tip and eraser, along with reduced lag and natural tilt support. 

The pen needs no batteries or recharging. It has two customisable side switches.

The Wacom Finetip Pen only comes with the Intuos Pro Paper Edition, providing users with gel ink. Designed for those who still begin their creative process on paper, the Finetip lets users visually record ideas that are automatically digitalised. 

The 0.4mm thick Finetip pen is pressure sensitive with 8,192 levels for fine ink illustration in paper mode. Users can also use a ballpoint pen as an optional purchase.

How the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition works

Capture editable versions of your ink sketches on paper with the Finetip Pen or Ballpoint Pen using the Paper Edition. 

Use Inkspace to sync and export your paper sketches to file formats such as PSD, JPG, PNG and SVG – including layered raster and vector formats either by USB to your Mac or PC or using the built-in Bluetooth. 

You can store files up to 5GB in the Wacom cloud, and the tablet stores up to 200 pages with unlimited layers. 

Using the Intuos Pro may be an option for those who don’t mind working digitally from the start of the creative process.

The Wacom Intuos Pro accessories include a pen stand, 10 nibs and a new pen case.

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The Intuos Pro Paper Edition includes a bundled package enabling paper-to-digital creation. This includes a Pro Pen 2, a pen stand (including six standard nibs and four felt nibs), four extra pen colour rings, a Wacom Finetip Pen, Wacom Paper Clip, 10 single paper sheets in A5 (medium) or A4 (large), an accessory case and 3 finetip ink refills.

The Intuos Pro Paper Edition Medium will cost £379.99/US$399.95 (excl VAT)/€429.90 and the Intuos Pro Paper Edition Large will cost £499.99/US$549.95 (excl VAT)/€599.90. They will both be available in January.

The Intuos Pro Medium and Large comes with the Pro Pen 2, a pen stand (including six standard nibs and four felt nibs), four extra pen colour rings, ExpressKeys, a TouchRing and multi-touch gesture control. 

The Intuos Pro Medium will cost £329.99/US$349.95 (excl VAT)/€379.90 and the Intuos Pro Large £449.99/US$349.95 (excl VAT)/€529.90. Both will be available this month.

At the same time as the launch of the Intuos Pro and its Paper Edition, Wacom has launched its newest addition to the Bamboo smartpad line – the small Bamboo Folio. 

Essentially performing the same tasks as the Bamboo Slate and large Folio, the small Bamboo Folio is for those who want to easily transport their notes and ideas. At 257x200x19mm, the smaller version works with A5 paper. 

It will cost £104.99/US$149.95/€149.90 and be available to purchase online at the Wacom Estore and selected retail outlets.

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