Wacom's new Bamboo Tip stylus is for note-taking on your smartphone

The stylus aims to work across various Android and iOS devices with no pairing needed.

The Bamboo Tip has a fine-tip that works with various Android and iOS devices smaller screens. Designed for writing on Android, iPhone and iPad devices and switching between them without pairing, the Bamboo Tip aims to be the every-day stylus option.

The release of the Bamboo Tip follows Wacom's new 24-inch tablet for business, education and medical professionals. This new device is for transactions such as signing contracts and pulling up enrolment documents and forms – a far cry from Wacom's MobileStudio Pro or Cintiq models. 


The Bamboo Tip comes with a durable aluminium surface in a dark blue colour, as well a clip on the back of the stylus so you can attach it to your tablet.

The nib is 1.9mm wide so it doesn’t mark your screen, and the entire stylus weight is only 16 grams keeping it light and portable.

There will also be replacement nibs available if yours happen to wear thin.

Battery Life

The stylus offers 20-hours of battery life after an initial micro USB charge from the top of the stylus. All you need to do is press a button on the side of the stylus to turn on the Bamboo Tip.

The stylus will turn off after several minutes after not being used, or you can choose to turn it off at your own discretion. A switch at the top of the stylus also helps users change the frequency at which the stylus communicates with a device.

Pricing and Availability

The Bamboo Tip is now available in the US, Europe and Japan from the Wacom online store.

It will cost US$49.95, €59.90, £49.99 and ¥6,280.

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