Moleskine's stylish first full line of leather bags are on our 'want' list

These five bags are a designer, artist or creative director's ideal travelling companion.

Like most creatives, we're fans of Moleskine's huge range of classic or innovative notebooks - and many of the lifestyle accessories that have been released under the brand's patronage. But the company's bags have never quite lived up to the rest of its products: it's myCloud bags are nicely understated but don't really have a 'Moleskine' feel to them, and its Classic bags suffer from being (mostly) polyurethane rather than leather and somewhat-clunkily emulating the design of the notebooks rather than being inspired by it.

Moleskine's new line of bags, called Lineage, are much more to our tastes. They're exteriors are 100% black leather - so can deal with London's sudden downpours - and their design by Milan-based Vittorio Venezia is drawn from the same language as the company's notebooks without directly copying it. This means that they look like stylish shoulder bags in their own right - rather than oversized, chunky books.

There are five bags in the Lineage line range from the small Reporter (shown here), which can fit a medium-sized iPad, up to three choices for your 15-inch laptop (and lots more): the Slim Briefcase, Messenger Bag and Backpack. Owners of the iPad Pro (or 13-inch laptops) may prefer the Tote Bag.

On the outside, all have two vertical straps that are accessorised with a buckle-like metal Moleskine logo. Towards the bottom is a horizontal line of white, which is visually reminiscent of the way you can see a line of paper peeking out when you see a Moleskine from an angle sitting on your desk.

Magnets hold the covers in place when the bags are closed, and the larger bags also have zips to prevent objects flying out when running for that train, bus or flight.

Inside are padded pockets to keep your laptop or tablet safe - plus a wealth of smaller pockets for keys, pens, pencils (and/or a Pencil) and other assorted stuff you travel with (a quick look in my current bag reveals a comb, a DxO One and some Minecraft toys I didn't know my son had put in there).

The Moleskine Reporter Bag shown here costs £155 from Amazon.

The Moleskine Backpack shown here has a RRP of £299, but you can get it for under £200 from Amazon.

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 The Moleskine Messenger bag has a RRP of £260, but you can get it for under £180 from Amazon.

 The Moleskine Slim Briefcase also has a RRP of £260, but you can get it for under £180 from Amazon.

 The Moleskine Tote Bag costs £175 from Amazon.

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Alongside the bags, Moleskine has also released five Lineage leather wallets, each in three colours. There are the Card, Horizontal, Passport, Smart and Zip Wallets. The first four are available in black, avio (blue) and taupe (brown). The Zip Wallet ditches the blue option for pink.

They cost between £47 and £80 on Amazon.

Vittorio Venezia has also released his sketches that the bags are based on, which unsurprisingly are drawn within Moleskine notebooks.

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