Cinema 4D R18 is out now – adding lots more ways to create and destroy 3D objects

There's much to like in the new release, whether you're more into modelling, animation or rendering.

Cinema 4D R18 new features: Knife tool

For use when modelling, the new Knife tools allows you to slice or cut into models by drawing the path of the ‘blade’.

The Line Cut tool lets you draw where to cut into a model, which you can adjust or refine and then remove one part or split the model.

With the Plane Cut tool, you can quickly slice through a model along a plane. Finally, the Loop/Path Cut tool creates cuts in a shape around a set part of the model that forms a border.

Cinema 4D R18 new features: Voronoi Fracturing

This is a new tool within the MoGraph menu in the Broadcast and Studio versions of Cinema 4D R18. This automatically breaks up a model into pieces based on parameters you decide on – including size and shape of the pieces (from random to ’sliced’ cubes), and what internal texture they have.

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The model can broken apart using a variety of methods to allow you to create everything from explosions to collapses and crumbles – and it works within MoGraph’s Dynamics system and effectors.

Cinema 4D R18 new features: Shiny, slimy shaders

The new Thin Film shader produces iridescent effects for mimicking the looks of oily surfaces from rainbow-inflected bubbles to realistic-looking fingerprints.

By applying the Shadow Catcher shader to a floor or wall in your scenes, you can render shadows alongside models – even though your render doesn’t include the surface that they are cast on. You can then take the render into the likes of Photoshop or After Effects – where the shadows can be accessed through the alpha channel – and quickly composite it with coloured backgrounds, photos or footage.

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Inverse Ambient Occlusion offers a relatively quick way to produce worn edges.

Motion tracker

Cinema 4D R18 has a built-in 3D motion tracker that lets you get 3D scene data from footage to match CG elements to. It supports both object and camera tracking, and you can select key features in a scene to aid its processing.

The motion tracker supports both object and camera tracking, and you can select key features in a scene to aid its processing.

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Cinema 4D R18 will be out in September. If you order a new licence or an upgrade before July 31, you'll pay less – as Maxon is raising its prices in the UK by around 9% on August 1, which the company blames on the week Pound after the UK voted to leave the EU.