Corel Painter 2017: Texture Painting, Glazing Brushes & customised Artist Layouts

Corel Painter 2017 has now arrived with eight new features and enhancements including glazing, applying a texture source and customisation of your interface layout.

Corel Painter 2017 has now arrived with eight new features and enhancements, including glazing, applying a texture source and customisation of your interface layout. 

The digital paint software helps you to create realistic and life-like content, whether that be enhancing traditional work or creating characters for animation and gaming.

Texture Painting, Dab Stencils and Glazing Brushes, a new interface with enhanced property bars are all part of the upgrade, along with customised Artist Layouts and more convenient Palette Drawers.

Painter 2017 will cost £314.95, but registered owners of any previous version can purchased the upgrade for £159. Previously purchased brush packs are fully functional in Painter 2017.

You can download the 30-day free trial or upgrade here.

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We give an overview on what Corel Painter 2017 has to offer.

Texture Painting 

Create or import a texture source inspired by earthly and industrial materials, skin types an art styles.

Blend the source directly into your painting and take full control over the texture colour, luminance, location and distortion giving your work even more life-like qualities.

Artists Layouts

With a simple click your interface layout can now automatically be streamlined and organised with your personal favourite and essential tools and controls.

This feature will help tailor your workflow to suit just you.

Dab Stencils

You can now mask your brush dab before applying paint to the canvas - working with more control in the areas of basic blending brushes to watercolours and impasto.

A new variety of stencilling media allows you to have more controlled application of artistic elements for final work.

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Glazing Brushes 

Make your work look velvety and translucent between transitions by smoothing over with the dab opacity. This will get rid of any harsh transitions and evenly blend colours.

Interactive Gradient Tool

This tool is promised to perform faster and provide more fine-tuning options. Simply drag and drop a gradient and edit the colour and opacity in the context of your painting using the enhanced node control.

You will also have the options to change the transparency and smoothness of your work, and you can merge modes.

Gradient Express Paint 

If you want to quickly fill a large area with stroke-filled paint, you will be able to do so with Gradient Express Paint.

The feature can work well as a backdrop for your design or photo art, and it lets you apply a variety of painting styles automatically to any gradient. 

Palette Drawers

Combine panels, brush variants and custom palettes in a convenient grouping that can be opened and closed on command.

This feature is a great way to organise, reduce clutter and free up painting real estate.

Image: Ryan Church

Workflow and Interface Enhancements 

An enhanced Property Bar will give you instant access to brush selection, brush controls, papers, flow maps, and other features.

Brush Selector has also been updated, doing away with multiple clicks every time you need to grab a brush. It’s now presented as a convenient panel. 

The Eyedropper tool has also been enhanced so you can choose the exact colour you want, on your own terms.

Image: Hector Sevilla

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