Get The Foundry's new design tool Colorway for free

This new version of the product and packaging design tool lets you explore different colour combinations and variations in a jiffy.

The Foundry’s Colorway application is aimed at enabling product and packaging designers to quickly address the growing number of design variations, as demand has ‘dramatically’ grown over the last few years according to the developer.

Now the design package is being made available from this week as a free trial. Designers can make use of it gratis until January 12th 2016 when it will be available on a subscription basis.

To sign up, visit the Foundry.

Please note that the images in this story have been updated since this story was first published. The current images show the new user interface for Colorway. We were initially supplied with the wrong images, so apologies for any confusion caused by this.

The London-based creative software developer claimed Colorway lets designers iterate on looks, explore different colour combinations, and save and manage any number of variations, without re-rendering.

It said this new version will significantly streamline the iterative design workflow, bringing clarity and efficiency through fast, non-destructive material and lighting changes.

New research commissioned by The Foundry found that two-thirds of designers feel that the number of design variations has increased dramatically.

In fact, more than half of the designers in the research said they were doing twice as many variations, while a further 40% said they had increased five times, highlighting the complexity of managing multiple design options.

The Foundry said Colorway had been developed to address this problem directly, helping designers to be more responsive, work faster and spend more time on the creative process.

This is especially important as creating versions of a master design is currently a manual, time-consuming process and, with the industry trend towards high levels of customisation, designers find it increasingly challenging to visualise all options and assets.

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“Colorway makes the day to day lives of designers that much easier,” said David Atkinson, head of design for commercial products at The Foundry. “Designers no longer have the luxury of creating standalone designs; in today’s global market place it’s all about coming up with an array of different options that can be configurable and localised and, of course, doing it as quickly as possible."

"Add to that the increasing number of stakeholders involved in the design process and you need a colossal, co-ordinated effort to achieve a result that everyone is happy with."

“We’ve given designers exactly what they need with Colorway, a tool that makes the iteration process more efficient and frees up time and resource to focus on the creative aspects of each project,” Atkinson explained.