New Adobe tools and apps revealed at Adobe Max 2015

Adobe has unveiled a plethora of new updates to everything from Photoshop and Illustrator to After Effects – plus launched Fuse CC and Project Comet, and released the controversial Photoshop Fix.

Adobe has used its Adobe Max 2015 conference in California to reveal new updates coming to its Creative Cloud applications, both to desktop and mobile. There are two new mobile apps, new touch capabilities, updates to Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign and more - all of which will be available before the end of the year (and some of which are available from today). Here, we round up the biggest new from Adobe Max 2015 - some of which we can reveal now and some which Adobe will announce over the coming days.

Also coming up at Adobe Max is the Sneaks event late on Tuesday here (Wednesday morning to those of you in the UK), which provides a rare look at what's going on behind the scenes at the company to give you an idea of what the future holds for creatives, and we'll be speaking with several of the key speakers from the event including Becky Simpson, James White, Jessica Hische and Louise Fili to bring you inspiration from some of the leading names in the creative industry. Find out how you can watch the Adobe Max 2015 keynotes live here.

Image: Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen at the keynote at Adobe Max 2015 (top) and Adobe VP of Products & Community and founder of Behance Scott Belsky (bottom).

Adobe Photoshop Fix

One of the new mobile apps that Adobe has created is called Photoshop Fix, which was previewed during Apple's 9 September iPad Pro unveiling so you might have seen a sneaky peek of it then (even if it was deemed to be a bit controversial).

Photoshop Fix is designed for quick but effective photo retouching whilst on the go, so should be a real boon to photographers and designers. The app brings features such as the Healing Brush and Liquify to your fingertips through an interface designed entirely for touch.

Photoshop Fix is available to download today as part of your Creative Cloud membership. It's currently limited to iPad and iPhone, but Adobe promises that Android support is coming soon.

Adobe Capture CC

The second mobile app introduced by Adobe today was Capture CC, which encompasses four of Adobe's apps to make one mammoth app that can achieve it all. You'll find the capabilities from Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape, Adobe Color and Adobe Hue all rolled into one app, meaning you can capture and create brushes, shapes or colour palettes within the one Capture CC app.

Capture CC is available on Android, iPhone and iPad from today, and a future update will also add Patterns into the mix, letting you capture a tiled pattern straight from your device's camera.

Photoshop fix and Capture CC are two all-new apps that add to the already broad line-up of mobile software from Adobe, and many of its other existing apps were updated today too, bringing more desktop power to Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Lightroom, Premiere Clip, Illustrator Draw and Comp CC.

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Adobe's CreativeSync initiative means that users of Creative Cloud will be able to sync all of the assets they create within Adobe's mobile apps with Creative Cloud libraries, to pick up on when working on other Adobe mobile apps or the desktop applications.

These assets include fonts, style guides and other files, which will appear in your workflow whenever and wherever you need them. This is designed to not only help individuals work on their projects more efficiently, but also to help keep the collaboration process smooth and simple, as you'll seamlessly be able to share assets with other Creative Cloud users.

The new CreativeSync mobile to mobile capabilities will be available to start using today.

For photographers, Adobe has made Lightroom and Photoshop easier to use on Windows 10 touchscreen devices, as well as adding new features.

Lightroom is now capable of Local Dehaze Adjustments, as is Photoshop when working on an image in Camera Raw. Camera Raw also has a new Bird's Eye View feature.

When it comes to ease-of-use, Adobe has made importing workflows easier in Lightroom with auto-sync of collections, and importing Photoshop Elements catalogs is easier too. You'll find new customised training and tutorials for new users in Lightroom, which can be tailored to those who've previously used Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

In Photoshop, you'll find a new customised toolbar for photos, as well as a new UI that provides high contrast for images.

These photography updates should be available today.

Photoshop is finally getting Artboards with the Creative Cloud 2015 update, and that announcement got some big cheers during Adobe's keynote on Monday. Illustrator users will probably be familiar with Artboards already, but until now they were unavailable within Photoshop. With this update, you'll be able to create multiple Artboards on one canvas, each with their own layers and smart objects but each accessible simultaneously for an easier workflow. Plus, you'll be able to filter layers by the selected Artboard to keep things organised and easier to manage.

Additionally, there's a completely streamlined Design Space mode that has been designed for web and UI designers, which includes those aforementioned Artboards.

Other Photoshop enhancements include the ability to import SVG files, and overall Creative Cloud Libraries improvements to speed things up a little.

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Illustrator CC 2015 gains a new Shaper tool, Live Shapes, Dynamic Symbols and an SVG export option to Illustrator.

Adobe describes the Shaper tool as a "completely new way of working lets you draw with loose, natural gestures that magically transform into perfect geometric shapes. Using the same tool – no need to switch to selection tools or other tools or panels – you can then combine, delete, fill and transform these basic shapes to create beautiful, complex designs that stay fully editable. The Shaper tool works with the traditional Illustrator workspaces as well as the Touch workspace."

Also new is Adobe Fuse CC, which has been introduced to the Creative Cloud membership plan thanks to Adobe's acquisition of 3D company Mixamo.

The 3D character software allows you to create avatars and characters that are completely customisable in an easy system just like you'd find in games such as The Sims. You can then sync these characters for use in Photoshop CC. Adobe says that it's designed to be a fast and flexible way to create 2D compositions with 3D-like depth. It'll be particularly useful for mocking up ahead of photoshoots, we imagine.

For designers, Adobe has introduced new and updated, intuitive workspaces built with touchscreen devices such as the Surface Pro 3 – or forthcoming Surface Pro 4 – in mind. These new workspaces have been developed for InDesign and Illustrator CC. Plus, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Character Animator have also been optimised for touch, including trackpads.

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The new Adobe Stock, which launched in June this year, is about to get a big update that'll introduce video to its library. You'll also be able to browse assets within Adobe Stock directly from the Creative Cloud Library, which can be searched for and browsed from the dedicated panel in Creative Cloud 2015 desktop apps.

Businesses will be able to share licenses at no extra cost, and you'll also get reporting tools and unlimited use of stock content in large print runs.

There's no solid release date for the Adobe Stock update yet, but the company has promised that it will ship before the end of the year.

Adobe Portfolio has also been introduced, presumably replacing the current and very similar Behance ProSite, and we're sure it won't be long before Creative Cloud members begin creating their own websites using this new service.

It offers a chance to build your own responsive portfolio with your own domain name that's connected closely with your Behance portfolio, and you won't need to use a single line of code. There are lots of different layouts to choose from, and it'll be free as part of your Creative Cloud subscription when it arrives later this year.

Project Comet is an end-to-end UX design solution that includes a new Adobe CC desktop app with a companion mobile app.

A rival to the near-ubiquitous Sketch, it's currently under development and is likely to have a completely new name when it becomes available for public use, but it's clearly something that Adobe is really excited about because it's decided to let us get our first glimpse of it during its main keynote rather than saving it for Sneaks where these sorts of early unveilings would usually take place.

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We've listed some of our favourite announcements from Adobe Max 2015 here, but that's far from all of them.

Adobe has also added new Publish Online updates for InDesign and the ability to work with Glyphs more easily, Artboards for Photoshop, new vector brushes in Flash and 4K+ video export and lots more.

Muse CC has been improved to help designers create free-form responsive websites without needing to code a single thing. Responsive design capabilities powered by Bootstrap have also been added to Dreamweaver CC.

Adobe is also showing off all of the updates to its video tools that it showed at IBC last month: UltraHD format support for 4K-to-8K footage and advances colour with support for HDR workflows has been added to Premiere Pro, while better colour fidelity and adjustments have been added to After Effects CC.

We'll be bringing you more information about the new Adobe updates as we've spent more time at Max learning all about them, so check back regularly.