Photoshop CC update: Adobe shows touch version of Photoshop running on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Digital Arts | 20 May 14

Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3 at an event in New York on Tuesday, and with it came the news that Adobe has partnered with the company to bring a new, touch-optimised version of Photoshop CC to the tablet.

However, this as-yet unannounced update to Photoshop CC should work with any Windows 8.1 tablet, including Wacom's Cintiq Companion.

"This release will enable the ability to pinch and zoom, have smoother strokes, and deliver a more responsive experience on Windows 8 Touch devices," said an Adobe spokesperson in a statement after the event.

Photoshop CC on Windows 8.1

Michael Gough, vice president of experience design at Adobe, took to the stage at Microsoft's Surface event to give a sneak peek at the upcoming Photoshop CC update.

"If you take the power of Photoshop and you put it on a device like this, it's a creative's dream come true," he said. "Technology is bringing more mobility, more natural interaction and more expressiveness to all our tools."

Michael noted that Adobe's customers wanted Photoshop to take better advantage of the screen, the pen and the touch capabilities of the Surface, so Adobe has added new gestures to the software, and has also made changes that take advantage of the Surface Pro 3's Core i7 processor. The icons are 200 per cent larger, too.

Plus, Microsoft's new stylus pen for the Surface Pro 3  – which looks suspiciously similar to Adobe's Mighty pen that Michael demoed to us last year – is fully supported by the upcoming update for natural and smooth pen input.

At the end of his short stint on stage, Michael left us with a teaser comment: "This is just the beginning," he said. "There's a lot more I think you can expect from our partnership in the not too distant future."

A ruler perhaps?

A Microsoft press shot of the Surface Pro 3 doing something much more boring than using Photoshop.


pety parkr said: Microsoft has launched Surface 2 as an upgrade to its Surface RT which was launched in 2012. Surface 2 is faster and has a sharper screen along with better cameras.

Jimmy said: I'm genuinely curious (not trolling), what is this software that Photoshop fails against?

charliesheenhardcore said: Well, a lot of digital art makers have adopted the surface line for creation. That's for the fact that it had Wacoms technology in it. N-trig stylus tech isn't good for digital art, and we are loosing to much for this to be a compelling option if you are a surface pro 1, or 2 owner. It would be a down grade for the artist. One, because you are forced to use the stock pen all the time. There will be no third party options, no interchanging nibs, ect. We loose too much. N-trigs most recent efforts have been failures for digital art.Adobe will make a stylus that can be only made to be used in their software. That doesn't help us, when most of us have ditched photoshop anyway for much better drawing and painting experiences in other softwares. Microsoft took what was just about to be one of the hottest devices for professional digital creators and took that thought totally out. Which sucks for us. None of the artists at the top of the field will upgrade to the surface pro 3, when they have the better pen input in the pro 2. Sad really. None of us care about Adobes wack stylus anyway. Adobes software is falling so far away from the industry standard when it comes to actual hand drawing and painting. Illustrator has still been a solid software for vector work, but photoshop fails in comparison to whats out there in 2014.