Procreate 2 brings GPU accelerated filters, 4K canvases & 64-bit to iPad app

Savage Interactive has launched a new version of its popular digital illustration iPad app.

Building upon the success of version one, Savage Interactive has launched Procreate 2 in the iOS App Store, bringing with it a new iOS 7-optimised design and all-new and improved features for the digital illustration iPad app.

For iPad Air and iPad mini 2 owners, Procreate 2 takes advantage of the A7 processor to offer artists the ability to work with a 4K file at 64-bit.

There are also new GPU accelerated filters and adjustments such as Gaussian blur, sharpen, noise and opacity that should be super-speedy on the iPad, especially the newest models.

Digital brushes have been given a boost in Procreate 2, with the new option to create a fully customisable brush to add to the 120 realistic pens, pencils and paintbrushes already available.

When it comes to the design of the app, Savage Interactive's James Cuda says that the developers "painstakingly redesigned every pixel to make the most of the visual style of iOS 7."

Layers in Procreate have been improved to offer up to 128 dynamic layers, depending on the size of the canvas. Plus, the new advanced layering system allows users to lock layer transparency, use gestures to merge layers, create new layers and more. There are also 18 Layer Blend modes.

Other new features include 250 levels of undo and redo, continuous auto-save so you'll never lose work again, improved Dropbox integration, a redesigned gallery, a brand-new icon and the ability to record 1080p video to capture every stroke you make.

Procreate 2 is available to download from the iOS App Store for £3.99, or as a free update for existing Procreate users.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to take a closer look at some of Procreate 2's new features and see some artwork that's been created using the app.

Right: Dynamic layers

Right: Procreate 2 adjustment tools include curves

Right: Procreate 2 has an iOS 7-esque design with more transparency and less skeuomorphism.

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Right: Better importing and exporting features include improved Dropbox integration in Procreate 2.

Right: Advanced brush settings allow more customisation in Procreate 2.

Right: Procreate 2 users can create custom canvas sizes.

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Right: Blood Valley by Shane Plante created in Procreate.

Right: Rainbow Circuit created by Asuka111 in Procreate.

Right: Marshmallows and Monsters by Bill Robinson created in Procreate.

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