Procreate 4 is out now

Photo: Dominik Tomaszewski

The leading digital painting app for the iPad, Procreate, is now available. It's been released to coincide with Apple's iOS 11 – which lets it run faster and be more responsive when painting.

Yesterday Apple released iOS 11 for the iPad, adding features such as proper drag-&-drop, ARKit and better support for the Apple Pencil.

To coincide, Savage Interactive has launched Procreate 4 – which includes a new painting engine and new feature tap into Apple's new platform.

The original Open GL-based Silica painting engine has been replaced with Silica M, which uses Apple's Metal graphics platform. This, says Savage, makes the application much faster and responsive when you apply brushstrokes or change settings.

Read on to discover more new features of Procreate 4.

Tapping into Metal also makes the Gallery load much faster, and moving images around and into and out of stacks is quicker too.

The UI has been completely redesigned – though Savage claims that it will still be instantly familiar to long-term users. The aim, the company says, is to make the application easier to use.

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This is Procreate 4's new Color panel.

The new painting engine's performance has allowed Savage to add wet painting effects to Procreate 4.

There's a greater level of control over how the program responds to your Apple Pencil.

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iOS 11 allows drag-&-drop between apps, and Procreate 4 supports. So instead of having to plod through Export dialogs, you can drag images straight to Photos, Mail or the new Files app (shown here).

Also new in iOS 11, you'll be able to have one app floating in a small palette over a full-screen app like Procreate (as Files is shown here). Savage has demoed this to us with Procreate full-screen with a reference image in Photos sitting in a palette over the top and over to one side.

The artist was painting away and could quickly move the reference image if it got in the way – a more flexible approach than using iOS 10's Split Screen view, where the reference image in Photos was locking in a fixed position.

Procreate 4 supports the new P3 colour space used by the iPad Pro, which Savage says widens the colour palette accessible in the app.

You can create Layer Masks in Procreate 4.

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Procreate costs £9.99/US$9.99 and won't have any in-app purchases. However, you can buy it for £5.99/US$5.99 today and you'll get a free upgrade on Tuesday.

Buy Procreate from the iTunes Store here.