Will Photoshop work with Yosemite? And will Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro or the other Adobe Creative Cloud apps also work with Mac OS X 10.10?

Digital Arts | 17 October 14

If you work with Adobe's Creative Cloud apps, should you download the free Mac OS X Yosemite? That's the question many creatives are asking today, after Apple made Mac OS X 10.10 available as a free download alongside its launch of new iPads and a 27-inch iMac with a 5K Retina Display last night.

In its Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) compatibility FAQ, Adobe says that all of its current Creative Cloud applications – including Photoshop CC 2014, Illustrator CC 2014, After Effects 2014, Premiere Pro 2014, InDesign et al – are already compatiblie with Yosemite without you needed to update.

Adobe also says that it's tested Photoshop CC (14.2.1) and CS6 (13.0.6; 13.1.2) for compatibility and found them to work fine.

We wanted to test this for ourselves, so downloaded and installed Yosemite on an older 27-inch iMac and opened all of the key Creative Cloud 2014, Creative Cloud, CS6 and CS5 applications – and found no real issues.

Adobe CS5 and CS6 compatibility with Mac OS X Yosemite

The only additional step we needed to complete for Adobe's CS5 software was to download and install Java from Apple's website – as Apple no longer ships Java with OS X.

We'll continue testing and update this article with any issues we find.

Screenshot features photography from this tutorial by Tigz Rice: How to change hair colour in Photoshop: Lighten, Tint and create Ombre hair effects.


christopher pugmire said: I'm also having problems with Yosemite and CC. Am starting to notice small things like not being able to copy and paste, keyboard shortcuts not working, etc. It's intensely frustrating and it seems that Apple have forgotten their base of creative people in favour of bells and whistles for the people. The hipsters have taken over the asylum.

Stumpc said: My photoshop crashes every time I try to print. Not in cloud, company computer and using CS5. I have no control over the upgrade process. Using OS X Yosemite and so far not liking at all. I did download the java upgrade from the apple website.

Kinseykick said: I have the same problem and it is starting to happen in Photoshop as well.

burzin said: I am using Yosemite OX. I have Adobe CC 2014 and primarily work with illustrator cc 2014. After a few minutes of working in illustrator, commands like open, place, etc. don't work. I mean I cannot use cmd+O or cmd+shift+P, neither the drop downs from file menu work. Have to press the keys a few times and it recognises the command. To use the shortcuts and file menu commands, I have to restart illustrator. Adobe CC 2014 worked well with Mavericks OX. The problem is rolling back to previous OX is a huge task and I fear loss of data. Kindly help. Thank you

Rens said: Adobe has a file sharing issue. We share files at work from Mac to Mac. We all have Yosemite now. We can "save as" and create a new document in the shared folder, however, when we make changes, we cannot save over it. It tells us the file is "currently in use" and to rename it. As a graphic designer I save a lot and I don't want to have multiple saved files of the same design. What makes it worse is we can't delete the old file names as it's still "currently in use" - This only happens with Adobe products. Everything works fine with other non adobe apps. We're running off CS6.

Kevin said: Can you peruse this forum, particularly the last page, and see if any of these issues are still existing? It sounds like some of the issues still existing are not just from the new OS, but from the switch from NVIDIA to AMD Radeon Graphics. Can you test on a newer machine as well as on the new OS? https://forums.adobe.com/threa...

Jason Levine said: I have found several irritating bugs since upgrading both Yosemite and PhotoShop CC: Display problems, images dithering strangely, copy / paste from one doc to another not always working right, selection tool acts funky, image colors will suddenly swap out, fill tool only works if its a small selection, etc. No problems of any kind before the upgrades and now I am stuck...

Alex Novoseltsev said: Has problem with Photoshop CS6 13.02: when using brush tool and then use shortkey for color picker after it its back to brush with some small delay. Any suggestion why?