112 new Pantone Colours for graphic designers include bolder greens and purples

The new inks feature on-trend 'blushes, blue and neutral' colours - plus there are new swatchbook designs featuring art by Janine Rewell and Daina Umberto.

You'll soon be able to get your hands on even more Pantone Colours from your printers. The company has announced 112 new inks in its Pantone Matching System range - bringing the total to 1,187.

Pantone has released updated swatchbooks, which have new covers featuring artwork from Janine Rewell and Daina Umberto. The company has also commissioned three well-known designers to create materials for a marketing campaign around the new colours: Chip Kidd, Jessica Walsh and Pentagram's Eddie Opara.

Read on to learn more and see some of the colours, books and more.

Pantone claims that the new colours are based on research into design and social trends by its Pantone Colour Institute. The company surveyed hundreds of graphic and digital designers to find out what new colours they wanted, and it says what they wanted fit broadly into three categories that it calls 'blushes, blues and neutrals'.

What this means is more shades of blue...

... and some very bold shades of green and purple (just don't use them together please). There are also more darker, organic shades of red, brown and orange.

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New Pantone Colours means you're going to have to buy new swatchbooks - and the new books come with some appealing new artworks on their fronts from illustrators Janine Rewell and Daina Umberto.

Slightly oddly, Pantone didn't commission those artists but instead licensed work previously created and shown on the company's Pantone Canvas site, which puts branded interface on top of Adobe's Behance.

Janine Rewell's vibrant artwork mixes illustration and body painting, and can be found on the Pantone Plus swatchbooks.

The artwork was originally created for an SS14 advertorial about Finnish shoe brand Minna Parikka.

Daina Umberto's artworks Rosa & Blue – No. 01 and Rosa & Blue – No. 07 were created as part of the branding for BeSpectACTive!, an EU-funded project to increase active participation in the arts.

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These are used on Pantone's Colour Bridge swatchbooks, which also include information on the nearest RGB, CYMK and Hex colours (for the web, not Hexachrome printing).

As well as swatchbooks you can get updated versions of the Solid Chips books.

Pantone's latest marketing campaign features desk scenes created by three designers. Chip Kidd is best known for his cover of books including Michael Crichteon's Jurassic Park. Jessica Walsh (work shown here) is co-founder of Sagmeister Walsh with Stefan Sagmeister, and also behind 12 Kinds of Kindness with Timothy Goodman. Eddie Opara is a partner at Pentagram.

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