Autodesk unveils new logo as part of in-house rebrand

Digital Arts | 26 March 13

The Maya and 3DS Max developer has revealed a new identity based around concepts of motion.

As it reveals its 2014 versions of its modelling and animation software, Autodesk has rolled out its new idenity that includes a new logo (above).

The logo includes an 'A' icon that's in keeping with recent logo trends for gradients and juxtaposing curves with hard edges and corners – though it seems curiously similar to Adobe's use of a capital A for its icon.

While the full logo features gradients, Autodesk has also created a flat print version based around Pantones 2935U (blue), 377U (green) and 326U (cyan)

The icon and associated branding features a lighter palette than the previous identity. That was created by Method in 2006, while Autodesk says that the new identity was conceived and created in-house. The branding features a lot of materials based on concepts and images of motion – with captures of elements in motion forming the basis of the new product branding.

Autodesk's previous logo

Autodesk says that Mudbox uses a different colour scheme to 3ds Max, Maya and MotionBuilder as it's a modelling product rather than an animation tool, so has the same colour palette as engineering tools such as AutoCAD. No, that doesn't make sense to us either.


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