Barnsley studio beautifully designs ADC's Creative Directors dinner invite

DMSQD has created a simple elegant invitation based around a self-designed typeface.

Every year, the New York-based Art Directors Club holds a series of dinners for prestigious creative directors in cities including New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, London and San Paolo.

This year, the invitation was designed by an agency from a less high-profile location: Barnsley in south Yorkshire. DMSQD was chosen from 50 agencies to complete the brief – creating an elegant mix of simple illustrations and custom type.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more photos of the invitation and learn more about the project.

“The organisers wanted one invitation which they could send to all the different cities," says DMSQD creative director Kyle Wilkinson, "so we designed an alphabet that acts as a visual identity on both the invitations and across the whole Dinner series, with everything finished in copper foil on black Neenah linen stock for a special feel."

“It’s extremely prestigious for a company from South Yorkshire to have been chosen from all the other agencies worldwide," continues Kyle. "It’s a huge achievement for us to have a high profile, New York based client coming to Barnsley rather than usual suspects in London and Manchester."

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DMSQD created a whole typeface for the project.

The typeface allowed the invite to be adapted for each of the locations easily.

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