Brightly coloured Adnams whisky bottle designs go against the grain

CookChick has used bold cyan and magenta colours for the Suffolk brewer and distiller's first whisky.

Most whisky bottles feature designs that draw on historical traditions and Scottish highland scenery, which wouldn't really fit with a firm's first whisky – especially when said company is based in the flatlands of Southwolds, Suffolk.

For the whiskies by renowned brewer Adnams, Lee Cook of Brighton-based CookChick Design has used bright colours: solid cyan for the Single Malt and solid magenta for the Triple Grain blend. Lee describes the colours as 'optimistic, bright, vibrant coastal colours' that 'reflects the contemporary approach that Jonathan Adnams and John McCarthy, head distiller, have to making spirits'.

"Designing Adnams' whisky labels has been an opportunity for us to establish a new direction for hand-crafted English whisky," says Lee. "We were keen not to design another 'me too' label emulating the traditional designs from Scotland and Ireland."

Adnams is best known as the creators of ales from the mighty Broadside to the lighter Spindrift – though it already has a range of gins, vodkas and liquers. It has had these whiskies laid down in 20 French and American barrels for over the three-year-and-one-day limit that a whisky must steep for.

The whiskies go on sale on December 5.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the Triple Grain design and learn more about the project.

Right: The Triple Grain whisky bottle design by CookChick Design for Adnams.