Channel 4 rebrand plays with Lambie Nairn blocks and drops iconic logo

Colourful reboot by DBLG and Steven Qua offers unconventional animation, Neville Brody fonts and Jonathan Glazer idents

DBLG and Steven Qua have created a new look for Channel 4, the first brand overhaul for the broadcaster in 10 years.

The design and motion studio worked closely with design creative Qua to win a competitive pitch to create the innovative concept behind channel 4’s new identity.

Working with Channel 4’s inhouse 4Creative team, the team said the identity they created reflects the channel’s public service remit, 'focussed on innovation, diversity, taking creative risks'.

In a bold move, their core concept was to strip the channel of its iconic logo and find hundreds of unconventional ways to introduce and animate the famous Lambie Nairn blocks.

The team said it had designed a system that is "playful, surprising, ever changing and above all colourful."

This idea has been injected across all areas of the on screen identity. Promos, branded stings, menus, information graphics, lower thirds, credit squeezes and even within the Channel 4 News.

The new direction was the foundation of the channel’s new idents, directed by Jonathan Glazer, and within the new bespoke font created by Neville Brody's design agency Brody Associates.

James Walker, head of marketing, Channel 4, said, “Channel 4’s main channel identity has been running for ten years and has been hugely successful. This groundbreaking brand refresh pushes it forward once more, reflecting our public service remit to be diverse, challenging and innovative.”

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The team also created a number of programme-specific idents.

One of these alludes to the Simpsons, featuring deconstructed yellow blocks brought to life with Bart's eyes, to reflect the look and character of the cartoon show.

Another new direction was to bring back a channel clock before the News.

These abstract deconstructed clocks use hundreds of logo pieces that tumble and roll around the screen until the time becomes visible.

This will play out before the Channel 4 news at midday and 7pm

Grant Gilbert, the founder and creative director of DBLG, said, “It's 10 years since the last rebrand and in that time the landscape and fabric of television has completely changed. We don’t just watch TV on our tellys anymore and we don’t need the brand logo constantly shoved in your face or told what channel you’re watching."

"The EPG (electronic programme guild) tells us where were are, what's on next and even who’s in the show and when it was made. So our answer to this brief was, this TV channel no longer needs a logo! No longer do we need to badge, label tag or stamp. We wanted to embrace chaos and break with the common day structure of TV identity.”

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