These cleverly designed travel ads spell out how you really feel on a bad day at work

Hectic work calendar making you go FML? McCann London and Ethos Travel understand.

February blues coupled with your recent payday means travel companies are teasing us with images of pristine beaches, deep blue seas and beautiful scenery. But Ethos Travel and McCann London– who have also worked with Xbox and Bisto – are taking a different approach.

Sometimes your work calendar spells out less organisation and more endless oblivion. This funny, painfully relatable campaign plays on that - literally. As well as making us smile, it promises that much-craved freedom. 

Laurence Thomson, Co President and Chief Creative Officer at McCann London, said: “This work is based on my own post-Christmas calendar. Everyone can relate to the knee-jerk reaction that happens after seeing what’s in store for you on your first month back.”

The ads are running nationwide in the press and out-of-home.

Okay, to make out these clever ads you might have to squint and take a step back. Or sit back. Or lie back…on a deckchair? With a cocktail?

Yes, this travel ad campaign gets its relaxing, tempting message across anyway.

Image: 'Make It Stop' 

Image: 'Fuck My Life'

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Image: 'End This Hell'

Image: 'Save Me Now'