Cornett designs UK Football posters

These impactful posters aren't about the UK. Or football. But we quite like them anyway.

Our first thought when we received these posters for a UK Football campaign was that that the players look a little overdressed for a game of footie. A few paragraphs into the email we got from marketing agency Cornett though, it became clear that UK Football refers to the University of Kentucky’s American Football (aka handegg) team, not the beautiful game(™).

Pan-Atlantic sporting-term confusion aside, these posters by the Lexington-based agency (you know, where Justified is set) use a dynamic mix of high-contrast photography of UK players set against desaturated shots of the Commonwealth Stadium that do convey the crunchingly physical nature of American Football – even if we are completely sick of big block semi-transparent type over sports-related posters.

The first poster (right) was used and sold at the pre-season Spring Game.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of the posters.

Fans could pick up the second poster at McDonalds throughout the state of Kentucky.

This centrepiece poster was directly mailed to all season ticket holders.

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