Hand-made redesigns of book covers

Shillington students have shown off their papercut, drawing and sewing skills to produce unique hand-crafted books.

We don't generally write about student projects – except during grad show season – but we're going to make an exception for these lovely hand-fashioned designs for well-known books by students from international design college Shillington.

Each puts hand-drawn, cut, stitch or painted elements at its core. We particularly liked Sinead Murphy's take on the Melway Greater Melbourne Street Directory – stitching overlapping lines to represent the different routes and methods of transport contained in the map book.

Read on to see more of the redesigned book covers.

The works were created by students at Shillington's campuses in the UK, US and Australia.

Image: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe designed by Rachel Hunter (London)

Image: The Party Cook Book designed by Ralph Bachir (New York)

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Image: The Jungle Book designed by Melissa Martin (Sydney)

Image: The Little Friend designed by Frankie Young (Brisbane)

Image: Slaughter House Five designed by Gorka Gondra (New York)


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Image: The Adventures of Tintin designed by Amanda Willmot (Brisbane)

Some participants designed film posters instead of books. This poster for My Fair Lady by Bekky Halls in Melbourne is particularly good.

Image: Wall Street designed by Elly Knott (Manchester)

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