Handsome’s slick new look for global firm TP ICAP

The London design studio has rebranded the interdealer broker as outward facing and modern.

Handsome’s slick new look for global interdealer broker TP ICAP pushed the company "to the edge" of its comfort zone by creating a colourful new brand against a market dominated by generic and bland business language. 

TP ICAP wanted a brand that manifested its "outward facing, modern values". The London-based brand and design agency focused on this alongside TP ICAP’s functional role of keeping global markets flowing, making them safe and accessible.

The propeller logo expresses the momentum TP ICAP bring to markets, Handsome explains.  A bright array of colour, shapes and outward looking photography introduces a bold distinctive brand identity that Handsome has rolled out across social channels. The new branding aims to appeal to a younger audience.

Alongside a digital presence, Handsome launched a brand film, brand books and guidelines, taxis, a new website and environmental graphics and signs.

Handsome founder Ian Haughton says many financial services brands operate behind closed doors, but TP ICAP wanted to show they were outward facing and modern. 

"Our new brand identity reflects that - it takes a brave and audacious client to brief and sign off such a progressive shift in brand tone and language, and the TP ICAP team is exactly that," he says. 

“This is a huge shift in design thinking for the sector, and I imagine it might stimulate others to rethink how they present themselves in the marketplace."

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The new brand was launched to coincide with the completion of the firm’s acquisition of ICAP’s global hybrid voice broking and information business. 

TP ICAP brings together buyers and sellers in global financial, energy and commodities markets, making it the world’s largest interdealer broker. 

The company operates in 31 countries, providing broking services, data and analytics.

Handsome is also behind The Body Shop brand identity, an integrated campaign for ORYX in 12 countries and three languages, and rebranding Centrepoint, which supports homeless young people, after its 40th anniversary.

Image: Handsome rebrand for TP ICAP

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Image: Handsome rebrand for TP ICAP

Image: Handsome rebrand for TP ICAP