Hat-trick creates new brand identity for Williams F1 team

London-based design studio Hat-trick tasked with rebranding Williams' corporate & trackside identity.

London-based design studio Hat-trick has created a new brand identity for Williams, which is best known for its Formula One team but also works in advanced engineering and hybrid power.

It’s the fact that Williams is less known for its work in engineering and technology that prompted the company to turn to Hat-trick to help reinvent its branding, hopinh yo highlight those areas in addition to its F1 prominence.

Hat-trick was tasked with creating a new brand identity for Williams that reflected a high quality, dynamic advanced engineering company with a contemporary and premium feel without neglecting the racing heritage that the company has, the studio told us.

Take a look at some of the branding for both the corporate and trackside elements of Williams' new identity by using the slideshow controls above and right.

Right: Hat-trick used Williams' blue and white core colours in the corporate branding design, removing any secondary colours for a more simple approach.

Right: An examle of the new Williams Corporate branding that focuses on the engineering side of the company.

Right: Photographer John Ross captured images of some of the key engineering pieces designed by Williams for the branding.

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Right: "We also wanted to bring Williams back to its core strength, which is building amazing racing machines," explains Hat-trick. "We had a series of CGIs made of the current FW36 car which we used as a basis for creating an image back. We stripped it all back to the simple form of the car to show of the beauty of the engineering. "

Right: The brand architecture was also simplified in the redesign process, streamlining the system of naming to relate everything to the core Williams name.

Right: A typographic, geometric 'W' mark forms a new monogram for the company, as seen on the nose of F1 cars.

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Right: The stripes were integrated with the silhouette shape of the car, as well as track shapes that were chosen by the drivers

Right: Everything from the car and uniforms to the garage and team trucks will sport the new branding. The branding was first shown off in Australia at Albert Park, Melbourne on 23 March.