How Kapitza are using Kickstarter to launch their new book without a publisher

The pattern design duo need your help to turn the Geometric Two book plan into a reality.

For their third book, sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza have turned to Kickstarter to fund its publishing. You can help fund its creation here.

Geometric Two is, naturally, a sequel to their 2008 book of patterns Geometric, which was released through German publisher Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. Between the two, Kapitza released Organic, which was nominated as one of the Design Museums' Designs of the Year in January.

The 224-page hardback book features a wealth of colour and black-and-white patterns to inspire designers and artists – whatever discipline you work in.

We caught up with Nicole to find out more about the project – including how they developed the concept for the book, and they techniques they're using to ensure their Kickstarter campaign is a success.

NB: Why did you decide to a 'sequel' to Geometric?

NK: "We are always continuing our exploration of creating pattern with pattern fonts and find out if we could push it any further. We also learned a lot when we working on Organic and thought our discoveries would lead to more interesting results if applied to geometric fonts."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read the rest of the interview and see more photos of the book.

NB: Why did you want to continue/develop the theme (as you'd gone off in a different direction for Organic)?

NK: "We don't see it as a different direction. We are always working and exploring new avenues with pattern fonts. When we worked on Organic we started off with introducing irregularities into the geometric fonts, we then created new fonts with irregular shapes which we then used to create the artworks in the Organic book.

"So most of the irregular geometric patterns didn't make it into the Organic book, but we already decided then that we would like to go back to the regular shapes and apply what we have learned working on Organic."

NB: What did you want to do differently in the second book?

NK: "We wanted to introduce irregularity and also work with new colour palettes. We also want to create a high spec book in every sense. The patterns in Geometric One are fairly straightforward.

"We were working with a publisher back then, and even though we were already designing more complex patterns, they didn't make it into the final selection of the book."

"Geometric Two is a more advanced book, the patterns are more exciting, the colours are more diverse and the actual book will have a much higher spec. This is be a true 'Kapitza' book."

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NB: Why did you go down the Kickstarter route for this project?

NK: "Our aim was to create a even more beautiful book than our previous two books and also reach a wider, international audience.

"We also really like the direct contact with our audience that Kickstarter offers. We like the fact that we have direct contact with each and every backer and we are very keen to deliver on our promise to produce the most beautiful book."

NB: How did you decide on the incentives?

NK: "We wanted to have great rewards for everyone who likes our work and wants like to support our campaign:

"Firstly we offer the book at a reduced Kickstarter price. Or you can get two books for almost 50% off the retail price – which is perfect for gifting the book.

"We have a printing test sheet, which is something you can't normally get your hands on, and looks amazing with patterns printed on top of each other.

"And we also offer four beautiful prints featuring pattern from the book in the sizes A3 and A1."

NB: Tell us about creating the page and how you hope this will help 'seal the deal' for potential pledgers.

NK: "We hope to show our working process in the video and to explain how much work goes into creating our artworks.

"We also wanted people to get to know us and understand why we are doing a Kickstarter campaign: that we are a small studio and that they can get something very unique if they support us."

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NB: How did you go about promoting the project?

NK: "We are approaching blogs and people who are interested in patterns and ask them to feature us. We are very active on Facebook and Twitter, posting updates and news.

"It's a real help if people re-tweet and share on Facebook. It's a lot of work running the campaign, but it's also very interesting and we are learning something new every day.

"Our tip for someone who wants to do a Kickstarter campaign is do as much research as you can and prepare your campaign well in advance. But it's also important to be flexible while running the campaign."

NB: How nerve-wracking is it waiting for pledges to role in?

NK: "It's intense and very exciting. We are grateful to everyone who is backing us. This means so much to us and with every backer we feel like we are one little step closer in making this book come to live.

"We really hope that we can reach our goal. Thanks for giving us this great opportunity to explain the project and the campaign in more detail and hopefully give your audience an incentive in getting involved."

Right: One of the incentives for the campaign is a series of five pattern-based fonts, which you can only get by pledging on Kickstarter.