Inni lets you order false nails with your own art and designs on them

Digital Arts | 07 February 14

Inni Nail Studio lets you upload your own artworks and designs and order them on vinyl nails.

Updated Feb 7 2014: Inni has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help expand the business. Pledge and learn more here.

A Finnish company has launched a new service that lets you order false nails with your own art and designs printed on them. Inni Nail Studio is an online tool that lets you upload your artwork – or choose from a set of preset designs – and then order them for US$8.90 (around £5.50) for a set of 26 nails.

Currently the service is offering free shipping worldwide.

For users without the creative software that Digital Arts readers have access to, the service also lets users design nails (or modify existing designs) using simple tools (below).

Inni says that the nails last up to 14 days and that you don't need to apply transparent nail polish on top of them. The company also claims that they're very sticky, so they don't chip and don't start to peel off by themselves even in hot water.

Removal is as simple as peeling them off like a sticker, says Inni.

"We started with high ambitions and vision to create something completely new," says Inni's CEO and founder Katja Koutaniemi (below). "We wanted to offer endless opportunities for our users with the best possible quality, so our team developed the software and studied the materials for several months before the launch."


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