Johnson Banks details design work on low-poly Science Museum posters

The design firm worked with Happy Finish to produce posters advertising the 3D Summer series of 3D printing-related events.

Johnson Banks has created a poster to promote the 3D Summer event currently running at the Science Museum in London.

The poster has a charming low-poly feel to it, and can be seen around the London Undeground network – with the design also being used for a pamphlet given out at the museum and digital versions appearing online.

We sat down with the founder Michael Johnson, who designed the poster with senior designer Kath Tudball. The CG elements were created by Hoxton-based Happy Finish.

DA: What was the concept for the poster?

MJ: "We wanted to create an immersive, 3D world in which everything had been rendered in CGI – and hinted at a summer of 3D activities."

DA: What did you want to convey with the low-poly look?

MJ: "We were slightly inspired by the posable, zombie-like figures you can purchase online [on sites such as TurboSquid] and created a quick 'family' of low-poly people to show the museum, especially linked to idea of body-scanning. They liked the idea because it immediately conveys [the idea of] 3D and has an interesting, slightly geeky quality.

"Eventually it got edited down to just a boy and a girl surrounded by floating objects and symbols of what's on offer."

DA: How does this build on the identity for the Museum that you created in 2010?

MJ: "Well, we've always wanted to keep pushing the brand and typography into new areas, so it just seemed logical for graphic elements to be part of the composition too – rather than just plonked on at the end."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read more of this interview and see the rest of the campaign.

DA: Personally, what do you make of 3D printing? Is it the future?

MJ: "We've already done some pretty interesting projects (such as Arkitypo) using 3D printers. We think they're great and can't wait for them to come down in price."

Right: The pamphlet given out at the Science Museum.

Right: The poster on display across the plaform at a London Underground station.

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Right: The poster artwork.