Squad gives Tebay motorway services a surprisingly stylish rebrand with a homely, rural design

Squad rebrands a Cumbrian roadside institution opening a new catering enterprise far from its roots

If you travel on the motorway through Cumbria in England, you'll probably be familiar with Tebay Services. The first, and still the only, family-run motorway service station on the UK road network, Tebay Services has won roadside dining awards and is renowned for its use of local produce.

When a new sister operation, Gloucester Services, was opened by the Westmorland family, the Cumbrian brand had to be made relevant in Gloucester and beyond.

Manchester-based Squad worked closely with the team at Westmorland to develop a new identity and names for the family of companies, which includes the two motorway services and a number of other businesses.

The identity plays with the type and imagery of road signage, using the Transport New font combined with a more sophisticated colour palette not normally associated with motorway services.

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The brand marks feature a variety of pictograms inspired by road signage, designed to convey the nature and diversity of each business, deliberately avoiding the corporate convention of associating a company with a single icon.

The backstory was captured in a film, shot by Percy Dean, which explains how the family build businesses are rooted in their place, sourcing local produce, employing local people and building strong links with the community.

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“Working with the Westmorland family and their business has given us some incredible inspiration,” said David Barraclough, Squad's founder and creative director. “Having identified the brand’s core story it was important to us all that the creative expression has the same level of depth.”

“We created a strong and adaptable identity for the group that will translate well into their different sites, allowing each place to celebrate what’s special about that place. The subject matter has made a stunning photography bank, while the brand film encapsulates their story perfectly.”

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