This new Moleskine book celebrates one of the great 20th Century graphic designers

Bob Noorda's work from the 1950s to the 2000s has been published in complete form for the first time.

Bob Noorda (1927-2010), is acknowledged as the one of the most important designers of the twentieth century.

Working from the 1950s onwards, he was among the first to promote the idea of a coordinated brand image, visual guidelines, and an integrated graphic system.

Moleskine has now published his final graphic work, the book Bob Noorda Design.

Conceived and laid out by Noorda himself, the volume contains drawings and writings that follow Noorda’s activity during the second half of the last century, retracing his formal approaches and methodology developed throughout his extensive graphic design career.

Noorda’s work from the 1950s to the 2000s is published here in complete form for the first time, thanks to the support of his family and 24 ORE Cultura.

The 384-page volume is edited by Mario Piazza. Expanding on Noorda's original project, Piazza adds a biographical segment, numerous critical notes and useful information.

Bob Noorda Design is available on the Moleskine Store online and at Moleskine Stores worldwide for £29/€35/$39.

Bob Noorda was a Dutch designer and architect who became a naturalized Italian citizen. He primarily worked in Milan.

Beginning in the 1960s, he came to the forefront of the Italian graphic art renewal. In 1964, he designed the signage and visual features of Milan’s subway system which won him his first of four Compasso d’Oro awards.

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In 1965, Noorda and designer Massimo Vignelli set up Unimark International, a graphic design agency famous for its modernist approach to design.

Unimark International worked for international clients such as IBM, Pirelli (pictured), Olivetti and la Rinascente.

The volume is published in English and contains many famous brands among its 300 pictures, revealing their simple yet absolute geometric approach.

Many of these – from Pirelli, Agip, Eni and Enel to publishers like Feltrinelli, Mondadori and Garzanti – form a fundamental part of the history of Italian industry, said Moleskine.

Unimark International also worked on the New York subway system, which resulted in an entire redesign of the subway’s communications system.

The book reconstructs the events surrounding the signage for the subway systems in Milan, New York and São Paulo.

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In the book, Noorda's designs are elegantly introduced by brief texts by Giovanni Baule. Baule points out the extreme importance and innovation of the work in giving graphic arts its current communicative role across every sector.

Alongside the story of Bob Noorda, this volume contains many other parallel stories, claimed Moleskine.

"Together they retrace the birth and evolution of the concept of the corporate image as a company's visual and identifying principle, the importance and significance of good graphics to define a company’s direction and the value that a brand and a logo possess as icons of the collective imagery."