Posterzine: a monthly magazine that can also spruce up your studio

People of Print’s new publication - with its latest issue’s upbeat Anthony Burrill print – might be the splash of colour your white walls need.

As well as their weighty hardback overview of illustration and quarterly magazine Print Isn’t Dead, the colourful lot at People of Print have been dabbling on the lighter side. As you’ll probably have guessed from its name, Posterzine is a magazine and poster rolled (or in this case, folded) into one.

Posterzine is so light, in fact, that you wonder how the British Library registered it as a magazine. It’s all in the fold, apparently. Whereas a concertina would class it as a pamphlet, Posterzine’s crow’s foot – which results from folding paper three ways – identifies it as a magazine, though unlike any I’ve seen. 

A Posterzine is a three-fold journey: the first spread introduces the featured designer; the second, their in-depth interview; and, the third, the poster itself in all its A1 glory. Without a see-through wall, you won’t be enjoying the interview again. But that’s okay, as Posterzine is more of a poster-with-a-bonus than a magazine to reread.

The bonus being the tantalising, physical journey towards the reveal of the eventual print. Though unfolding might be more cumbersome than scrolling on your phone, Posterzine is print that truly justifies itself. Each unfold is a tease – a particular highlight being the fourth and latest issue’s fascinating Anthony Burrill interview.

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The monograph magazine’s unusual design does not lose the tangible, crisp quality that defines People of Print. Each issue is printed onto the highly-regarded Fedrigoni Acroprint Extra White paper, and uses two different Pantone spot colours – leading to a PR promise that no two issues will look the same; well, I hope not.

Issue 1 showcases the work of graphic designer Eike König, who is interviewed by writer Liv Siddal.

Eike König's poster for Issue 1.

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Issue 2 boasts a chat with Heretic trio Luke, Jon and Therese, as well as their retina-burning work.

Heretic's poster for Issue 2.

Hello! Lucky’s vibrant work featured on the cover of Issue 3, with an equally dazzling inside spread exploring their designs. 

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Hello! Lucky's poster for Issue 3.