Print Club London's map art show relaunches its Gallery

Print Club London is planning an exclusive exhibition and an artwork treasure hunt for its gallery relaunch. See what's on show.

Print Club London is planning an exclusive one night exhibition to mark the relaunch of its Print Club Gallery, located in the heart of Dalston in London.

Taking place on Thursday 9th April, ‘Lost and Found’ brings together a diverse collective of Print Club London artists from varying backgrounds to showcase an exciting range of illustrative and print based maps.

Featured artist Dave Buonaguidi has produced a limited edition of seven screen-printed £1 notes, exclusive to the show.

Print Club will be hiding the notes in seven locations around the city, with London landmarks being likely places to look. Each found note is not only a winning print in itself but will be entered into a prize draw.

Artwork by Dave Buonaguidi

Artwork by Claire Halifax

Artwork by Simon Fitzmaurice

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Artwork by Susie Wright

Detail from artwork by 57design