Radim Malinic gives Mintlet pre-paid Mastercard a rainbow branding

We interview the designer and illustrator who works under the moniker of Brand nu about creating a new brand from scratch.

Mintlet is a new pre-paid Mastercard that allows users to pay in multiple currencies, and which will start appearing in high-street stores in March next year. The branding for the card was created by long-term Digital Arts contributor Radim Malinic – aka Brand Nu.

We caught up with Radim to find out more about the project.

DA: How did you get the commission?

RM: "I was contacted directly by the client who found my online portfolio via Google search. They have been looking for someone suitable for a while when they got in touch.

"The client was impressed by the breadth of my work and wanted to commission someone who could be in control of all creative tasks"

DA: What were you tasked with doing?

RM: "Although the company has had most of the infrastructure in place at the time of enquiry, there was not actual design in place. However, there was a clear vision of whom to the product should appeal. The initial task was to create logo, card designs and packaging.

"This had then extended to overall branding, website design and mobile app design."

DA: What is the essence of the brand behind the branding?

RM: "Our initial talks revealed the desire to design the product with appeal to wider demographics. Mintlet is a multicurrency pre-paid card which will be likely favoured by frequent international travellers.

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DA: Tell us about the design of the logo and logotype.

RM: "Many existing card logos are highly memorable and recognisable and I wanted Mintlet to have the exact same values. I wanted to create a brand that’s as iconic and instantly recognisable as, for example, the MasterCard logo. 

"I aimed to create a marque which is versatile, simple, elegant yet fun and uplifting. The rainbow colours symbolise the rolling hills, travels, sunrise and the positivity of what you can do with the card. The card should be part and extension of your lifestyle and the logo should represent just that."

DA: Tell us about the graphics system.

RM: "The graphic system stems from the logo itself. Although the particles and shapes possess rather abstract values, these are simply just parts of the logo taken apart.

"Even though the logo creation was a very fluent process, the actual system took a few different versions before I decided to strip everything back to plain colours and only use a small fraction of colours via subtle shapes. I wanted to give the hero logo enough space to breathe within each design."

DA: What digital design elements did you create and how are they to be used?

RM: "Currently, the work is underway on the website and mobile app. Both elements are shaping the brand look and feel further beyond the printed material.

The mobile app [mobile wallet] will be the invaluable component working seamlessly with the card itself, giving the user complete control of their funds. Everything is designed with usability and elegance in heart.

"Finally, we are also working on first sketches for print and digital advertising. The year 2014 will be full on."

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Right: The card's in-store packaging.